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Everybody's going to have their own opinion one way or the other, but since the general public is ignorant to the heights of the rides, putting a number in a HUGE one like that may not clue them in that it's the tallest in the world, but will at least show them that it's 325 feet high. I can definitely see the benefit in it.

"Soaring a world record 325 feet, Fury 325..."

"The newest ride at Carowinds, a world record 325 feet of Fury: Fury 325!"

Another thing, they probably already have market research for what the Intimidator 305 name did at the other park. So they likely already know if it's a good idea or if there's any benefits to putting the number in the name, and have apparently decided for whatever reason that there is a benefit worth repeating.
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After almost a year of fighting and arguing, I can't believe this thing is finally happening. It was a long and brutal winter. So far, this ranks as the most anticipated coaster of the next season and all eyes are on us. This has never happened to Carowinds before, so i really don't know how to act. I feel like taking off all my clothes, jumping into my car and riding around the parking lot honking my horn with a can of Budweiser in one hand. I hope 325 is the magic number.
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