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Looking at the way it circles around the front of the park and seeing the new entry area in the drawings, knowing they are going to move the current entry road outward, I wonder if they are planning to expand the park's boundaries out to the new entry? Seems like a great place to add a main street plaza with shops up to the plantation house.

Love that idea. The park could install a larger more modern entry gate (a la Cedar Point) while still keeping the Plantation House and improving what is a very underwhelming first impression upon entering the park.
Rosko97 wrote:
mark40511 wrote:He says a "smidge" over 300 ft tall........if it's 325 feet, and Leviathan is 306 feet (I think), then that would be 19 feet taller (I guess that is a smidge (relatively speaking).......Or will it NOT be 325 tall, but the drop itself will be because it will go underground?

But do understand he was "assuming" that its a smidge over 300. He doesn't know, and neither do we.

Hands down though that coaster is just massive! The most interesting parts of it to me are in that second section F-1.1
What is that element immediately after the first drop? That is definitely not the same as Leviathan's....and that helix thing, what the heck is that going to look like all crammed in there?

I am wondering, If this is indeed Bolliger & Mabillard, if the first element will be like the first turn on Millennium Force. It seems to me like it is an over-banked turn. But I can't tell for sure. Also, the ending. They have no reason to add brakes like Intimidator or Leviathan. That straightaway at the end of the coaster has plenty of space for a splash-down effect or something like that to slow down the train before the brakes. Maybe even another small hill or two, I don't know. But it would be nice. :D
Jonathan wrote:Screamscape appears to have the blueprints:


Looks pretty similar to Leviathan but with a different ending.

That would be the plans I saw earlier in the year. These are the real deal folks.
Jonathan wrote:Can anyone tell if the mysterious tunnel is on those? Doesn't look like it to me but I'm not sure what I'm looking for.

Can't tell for sure, but the small square footers that are shown are either in a tunnel or directly on the ground.If they are on the ground they can build a tunnel like Leviathan (ewww).

Here's my take on the layout:

- Lift/Drop (possibly into a tunnel)
- Up into an overbanked turn (possibly with a bit of trick track type banking as you head up). Banking to the left on the way up and then hard banking to the right to enter the overbank.
- Exit down from the overbank into a low, banked left curve
- Exit the curve and enter another overbanked curve to the right. This one kinda low to the ground.
- Exit that curve and head into another low to the ground overbank curve to the left.
- Exit that curve and climb steeply into the overbanked turnaround.
- Exit the turnaround up high and then dive into the tunnel
- Exit the tunnel with a hard left overbank low to the ground.
- Exit the overbank and climb into an airtime hill
- Exit the airtime hill and climb into an overbanked upward helix (similar to Intimidator's picnic shelter turnaround but you enter from the bottom and go up)
- Exit the helix into a small airtime hill over the first drop
- Exit the airtime hill and enter a hard banked left curve.
- Exit the curve with a small drop under the lift and a pop up into the break run.
goldsteh wrote:Promotion and teasing has begun!

I love it! I knew Julie and the whole PR team would throw something out of the box out there. This doesn't only get us thinking but it gets the general public thinking as well. Carowinds always has some of the best teasers.
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