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The pictures and all are nice. However, what would be great is if someone mapped out the footers that are being poured and overlaid those on a map.

I was near the park today but didn't stop. I'll see if I can make it over there this weekend and take some notes although I have a lot of work stuff to do.

Bad thing is that this has been an extremely busy work year for me - great timing when such an epic coaster project is underway. :(
Here are the ones i got from yesterday. By the end of the day yesterday they were pouring concrete.
tylerSC wrote:It might be interesting to see if those construction guys have anything to say about the project, and what they know about it. As I would assume they have access to the architectural designs, although they may be sworn to secrecy.

It is extremely unlikely that they know anything. Having been on hundreds of job sites (as a former electrician), it's the general contractor who would know anything. Most of the people you see out there working are actually just the workers. A lot of those guys you see today probably won't be there much longer - they're just the heavy equipment operators who dig the holes, the concrete workers who are skilled to make sure the concrete is mixed and poured right, etc.

On some jobs, like a Lowes, all the workers know it's a Lowes. I was on other jobs that were more 'secretive' per the client's request so we were only given the minimum information we needed to do our job. I assume that a job like this would fall into that category and the workers only know the bare minimum that they need to do their jobs.

Please don't bother them and let them do their jobs.
Oh dear god you guys cannot be serious...tears??? Ok ok I get it, but seriously...anyway. Construction went from zero to aprox 90mph over night! I mean literary it kicked into high speed in like 325 f...error...seconds! They are furiously showing they mean business!
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