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By redrunner97
Since we know that Carowinds officials often lurk in the shadows of this forum, and sometimes take suggestions from this site's collection of loyal Carowinds fans, I though it would be a great (an very unoriginal) idea to set up a brand new Wishlist thread, for 2015/2016! :D

We already know a lot of their focus will be on unveiling and constructing our new coaster in 2015, so don't talk about that here. But what about other improvements or installations the park should consider, that we would love to see in the next two years?

Thunder Road Paint-Job: Thunder Road is an iconic Carowinds coaster, and its in desperate need of some TLC, and its slowly been getting it. Rebel Yell at KD was just repainted for their 40th Anniversary celebration, isn't Thunder Road due one too. The Woodies at Carowinds are all the same color-less wood tone, and something like a retro-White paint-job for TR would really make it stand out. Maybe they should reconsider their policy on Thunder Road getting repainted (as I know they have said they don't see it happening any time soon, in the past).
Flat Rides!: this one is always popular in the wishlists, but its true, we need Flat Rides. And I don't think it would be too out of character for Carowinds to revamp the Thrill Zone area with a surprise flat or two for when the coaster opens to the public.

And I'm sure I'll have a few more to throw out here and there, but now its your turn! ;)
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By Jay
This thread is fine to continue, but one note... only Rebel Yell's lift was painted. Not the whole ride.

Also keep in mind that 2014 is only the first year that the $50 million is being used, and I wonder if we won't see some smaller stuff pop up in the summer or fall. 2015 will bring the coaster sure, and maybe the big front gate redesign we keep hearing about. And there will still be some significant money left for 2016. I don't even know where to begin with the rumors there.

I wonder if 2015 won't only be the coaster and new front gate. So any flatrides or anything else like that wouldn't be until 2016 or later. In fact, I'll edit your title so it says 2015/2016.
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By redrunner97
Jay wrote:only Rebel Yell's lift was painted. Not the whole ride.

I see how my post was a tad misleading.

Jay wrote:I wonder if 2015 won't only be the coalster and new front gate. So any flatrides or anything else like that wouldn't be until 2016 or later. In fact, I'll edit your title so it says 2015/2016.

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By chknwing
* A Launch Coaster, anything similar to maverick would be great
* Rip Roarin Rapids needs some love, special effects something
* A Stunt Pavillion, the stunt show at Cedar point was great fun, carowinds has nothing like this
* A new train and or station for Nighthawk, loading seem to take forever and causes long lines. a redesign is needed.
* One or 2 Transportation rides, chair lift, train something, anything
* I enjoy the arcades especially when it rains, carowinds is definitely lacking in this department
* And lasty, atmosphere, carowinds needs to add more music etc throughout the park and crank it up.
• I totally agree about the Transportation ride idea. Not that it mean anything for certain, but didn't Edwardo say something about hearing that they were planning on installing a lift or something??
• Scarowinds: maybe some of the budget will go towards improving the Halloween Haunt? I hope we don't lose Silver Scream Sinema, its one of the better mazes, but I'm worried it won't return this year due to the impending construction work, and the fact that they've already set up a privacy fence.
• Return of The Gauntlet: if they still plan on relocating Gr8-Sk8, and not "trashing" it, it'd be cool to see it moved to another area of the park, renamed Gauntlet, repainted even, and running full speed. It could be a step in the right direction of improving the lack of flat rides.
• Power Tower & Other Flats: a specific flat I think we need is the almost trademark Cedar Fair Power Tower. Since we already have our own smaller Drop ride, it'd be cool to get the Power Tower version to complement it. Among the other flats I'd like to see are a Huss Giant Frisbee, Top Spin, and a Ferris Wheel, and there are sooo many others.
• Trees & Water: need I say more, we need trees for shade (some where added in front of the new Ripcord this season, thankfully, and quite a few other locations seem to have some too), Water, because they are little by little losing a lot of the natural atmosphere, its starting to look like one giant parking lot with rides. Lol.
• Light Show: something like Luminosity at Cedar Point, maybe trick out some areas of the park with lighting packages too.

I still have more lol. But I don't want to go TOO overboard. I think its safe to say Cedar Fair is trying their best to restore Carowinds to it's former glory, while also propelling the park into the future. I think it's on the right track!
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By gabed
A launch coaster and a S&S Screamin' Swing... that is all I want.
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By chknwing
Jay wrote:You guys seem to have a lot of requests for what amounts to 2 years. :?

I just want to see the canopy return over the Skytower's queue. Let's start with that.

alot of the stuff I requested, with the exception of the launch coaster, is on a fairly small scale. Stuff they could do with their normal upgrade budget.
By dabrian
1. A maverick style coaster would be awesome
2. More flats... A maxair would top my list.
3. More affordable food options. I think it would be a good idea to atleast have food specials during the week.
4. Free beer :D
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By chknwing
Can we change this to feasible wishes, not the stuff you dream up in imagination land?

[mod edit]
And it should only be wishes for 2015 and 2016.. so coasters should not even be mentioned. Reasonable things people.
By NCtdBear
I like what we are seeing so far. I would personally love to see more theme brought back to the park and personality so to speak. And yes, RRRapids needs a final scene since the cave is long gone. Maybe something along the line of an old mill from the south...oh maybe a little haunted mill at that.
By Edwardo
A reasonable wish for me would be a flat ride package from Zamperla with a DiskO coaster like the point is getting this year, an air race, a giant discovery, and a back flash. A Ferris wheel would be nice too.
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By Jay
Good stuff Edwardo!

I don't know how reasonable this is, but I'd like to see Action F/X Theater taken out and Edwardo's flat package expanding the County Fair into the parking lot, with the giant ferris wheel as a glorious backdrop. Bring the 'Fair' back into 'County Fair.' Maybe the Theater could just be gutted and re-purposed. Lots of options there.. maybe a dark ride?

Probably a more reasonable thing for 2016 I would say is more Boomerang Bay. Perhaps a substantial expansion finally going behind Thunder Road. Bart did say they wanted to do that right?
Agree totally with Edwardo! That's the main thing I want! A nice Zamperla package of flats for 2015/16, tricked out with some awesome light packages perhaps. A Ferris Wheel too!

That would be the one reasonable thing that I definitely want for Carowinds in the near future.
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