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^Hmm, that was seemingly random.
I found one link from Google to saying "Starting at $29.99". One newspaper said $60-$100. This is compared to Aerosmith playing th North Dakota State Fair without admission, those tickets are $75.
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By Chris
RollerBee wrote:I found one link from Google to saying "Starting at $29.99". One newspaper said $60-$100. This is compared to Aerosmith playing th North Dakota State Fair without admission, those tickets are $75.

They stared at $59.99, but that included admission into the park all day.
According to Daughtry's tour schedule he only plays a few gigs a month and most dates are festivals. A check of a few festivals indicates he isn't the headliner. The only standalone date on his schedule is for a 1500 seat arena.

I can't imagine anyone expected Daughtry would sell out a 13,000 seat arena by himself. 2000 tickets may be a really good night for him.
By RollerBee
^Thats barely double the size of the Carowinds Theater
By KCuda
As a mom I would like:

1. An onsite hotel that opens directly into the park so find a parking space daily could be avoided.

2. A sit down restaurant with online only reservations. It would have a much more upscale menu, Southern style. Reservations could be in hour and 1/2 blocks so your table is yours only for that time, then you have to pay and leave. If you don't show up by five minutes past your reservation time, you lose it. It would be easy to make an app to let people know which table they have booked, when their table is forfeited and even order and pay before they even show up.

3. Medium to large digital touch screens throughout the park with info on wait times for coasters and dining options and an interactive map. It would have an option to contact a park employee in case of a lost child or other emergency.

4. Filtered water fountains so moms can refill sippy cups with water toddlers will actually drink and not have to bother to stand in line for.

5. Individual cabanas and family size ones to change in that can be rented by the hour or day (include diaper changing tables in some, others wheelchair accessible) where clothing & valuables can be left.
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By Jonathan
I think a full service restaurant would be great and I hope it's being considered, but I don't think all the other reservation and time limit stuff is necessary. Cedar Point and Dorney Park both have full service restaurants (some of the other CF parks may too) and they function just fine.

I like the other suggestions too. Hopefully the hotel one is in the works now as well.
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By tarheel1231
Not really 2016 but here is my prediction/wishlist for 2017:

In 2017, along with the possible Vortex conversion, my prediction for 2017 is a sizeable Planet Snoopy expansion as a "punch-back" to Over Georgia's DC kids area. The first thing I'd like to see is a Vekoma family boomerang (or one from Gerstlauer like Rewind Racers.
Source: RCDB
Believe it or not, Vekoma can actually make some decent coasters. I feel like this would be a great family addition because it carries the same height restriction as Woodstock Express and it would cost around $4.6 million. Also, I think if Vekoma came in and did this, they could give new trains to Flying Ace (lapbar-only like Freedom Flyer at Fun Spot) and possibly Goldrusher to get the height requirement back down. But I think lapbars might raise the height restriction on Flying Ace, so the other option could be giving it vests like Fly the Great Nor'easter. The other three rides I'd like to see are Linus' Launcher, Snoopy's Space Buggies, and Lucy's Tugboat. If the boomerang isn't plausible, a splash battle would be another GREAT addition. And like I've mentioned several times before, I'd like to see Snoopy's Junction extended so that it envelopes Planet Snoopy.
Jetp wrote:Since no one comes to Carowinds for concerts anymore, I think its time to get rid of the Paladium. I don't care what is put in its place. Maybe a dark ride. ... 10305.html" onclick=";return false;

So I have been searching for a list of all acts that have appeared at the paladium. I remember a lot of them from the eighties, but would love to see a complete list.
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