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By Chris
malvulable wrote:
Chris wrote:^ Is that really in Planet Snoopy, though? Isn't Ripcord right across from Harmony Hall, next to Planet Snoopy?

This is true, but the park considers it to be a part of Planet Snoopy. I know it's just my opinion and not fact, but that feels weird. Anyway, just something I thought would be cool to help out County Fair.

I get what you're saying. I look at it this way... they stuck it between two roller coasters (yeah yeah, one is a kid's coaster) so it's not like they stuck it next to the Carousel and Balloon Race. By the way, welcome to the boards! :thumbup:
What would you all like to see if the Carowinds Plaza were to get a revamp?
I know that I'd like to bring back a fountain for sure. I'd also like to see the entrance to skytower there. instead of having to walk around to it.
I'd like to see more greenery, more open, and match the new style of the new entrance, but also be different.
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By Chris
FamousAmos wrote:What would you all like to see if the Carowinds Plaza were to get a revamp?

Does this mean that Mike has asked you to do a model on the Plaza and it's going to be revamped? :think:
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By shane235
I would like to see a very obvious state border (including a sign) and a nice fountain. I would also like to see the path to the right leading to RRR be redone. The cracked asphalt isn't very pretty, although that area technically isn't the plaza... :think:
I understand fully.
This is beside the point, but while on the topic of asphalt... The old Wayne's World area going to Fury was VERY hot on Monday due to all of the asphalt.

I wonder if it would be possible to make the state line yellow again?
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By arby
RollerBee wrote:Relocate and restore Carousel to stage area

I never thought of that but love the idea. There's not much in the plaza area right now except for buildings so putting a classic ride like the Carousel in the front area of the park would be great.
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By cwgator
While having a carousel at the front would be a nice touch, it would definitely look overly cramped doing that at Carowinds with how the plaza is currently (even removing the stage to put there). I could see it working if they could completely start from scratch again (involving building removal and replacement) and make the area wider and more open.
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