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By coaster129
chargercrazy wrote:anyone else having trouble with the stream? Mine just sits there and loads . . .

I have crappy sound!
By tylerSC
Interesting the last teasers say you think you know what it is, but think again. And more than you expect .... Well not too much longer to find out for sure.
By CoasterFanatic01
My video quality is great. I have the volume all the way up but I cant really hear anything its very light.

I hope it is going to be Fury 325 and not Centurion.
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By redrunner97
I am currently sitting in my bedroom with a tub of Butter Pecan ice-cream and a box of tissues.

Can't believe I missed such an amazing opportunity. I had an appointment at 9:30 and went to pick up my medication and just got out about 10 mins ago. There's no way I could possibly make it on time, so I stopped by the store and just got back in for the stream. I don't really feel well, and what I have is a little contagious anyway. But Thanks for the invite Jonathan, knowing my luck it doesn't surprise me I couldn't make it. Strangely, I think my Dad was more bummed than me, and I'm the fanboy of the family.

Can't freakin wait to usher in this landmark attraction! Happy Announcement Day everyone! :D

PS: the audio of the stream is very LOW.
By chargercrazy
At least you guys are getting video and audio, the connection I have must be really bad because I can't get it to work.
By adam3482p
I can see and hear the stream fine. I thought there was a weird color problem but looking at the pictures it is just the blue lighting. Almost at a online user record!
By chargercrazy
Jonathan wrote:Glad to have you in the thread. I've got a glass of bourbon in hand and am surely the only person in Brooklyn, New York watching this stream.

The forum is going to hit the simultaneous online users record in a few minutes.

What type of bourbon might I ask?
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