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By CCookieMonster
Am I the only person who thinks having small cameras on the trains of fury 325 would be really cool? They could be small on the trains and on each row. I think Carowinds is smart enough to figure out how to fit a small camera for the front row rides. The only thing is, we would have to get new trains (not a problem for me because of recent vibrations, but I hope is not a problem financially). I think it would be really nice to see a video of your self in the "HIVE" and I would like them to keep it separate from the TVs for the pics. I didn't now if this was a wishlist thing, because it was so small, but I really just wanted to know what you guys think about the idea.
By Carowindsman
They did it on Afterburn it was a good time watching the people. Also watching people puke
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By cwgator
I can without a doubt tell you they will not be purchasing any new trains any time soon. That in itself is a HUGE investment. If that was something they wanted to do, it would have been done when the ride was being built...not after.
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By tinotoot
Has anyone seen the instagram account "boycottcarowinds"? Just thought it was kind of funny. They seem to clearly be a teenager who was suspended from Carowinds and they feel the need to comment something on every Carowinds instagram post. :lol: I mean the park has its flaws but just because security got you in trouble is no need to boycott the park. Just thought I'd share.
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By cwgator
^And using pictures that are clearly not theirs (two from carowindsearlyyears).

They seem completely butt hurt about losing the log flume and Thunder Road. That and complaining that for every 5 rides CP gets, Carowinds gets 1. Like...go sit down somewhere. Carowinds just got 4 new rides this
By CCookieMonster
Does the kid understand that no one is going to show sympathy for him just because he got in trouble for something that I'm 99.9% sure he did himself? Some people need to just gain self-discipline and self-control.
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By A-z coasters
I have seen some on YouTube also, and I still see them ranting about carowinds to this day, they're say things like "#boycottcarowinds they got rid of thunder road for a (place curse word here) waterpark expansion!!".
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By tinotoot
The things people complain about on the Facebook and instagram pages is hilarious. And yeah whatever that kid did is definitely his fault. He's acting his age atleast! I just saw someone post a long comment on the page about how the passes cost too much next year and I wanna comment back and be like "You can't expect a park employee to change the prices just for you"
People find every little thing to complain about.
By jeffdavis
The instagram kid claims he accidentally dropped something on Windseeker, according to his post. Intentional or not, dangerous situation or not, we all assume responsibility for our belongings when we walk into the park. He claims to have received a 45-day ban.
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