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By uscbandfan
After looking at Steel Vengeance, I want one!!! This would be a great "replacement" for Thunder Road. I'm thinking the Dino area but for a comparable one to Vengeance, it would probably have to snake around the back of Chick-fil-A somewhat since Dino isn't QUITE as big as the land area covered by Vengeance. (WWF area isn't near big enough for something like that unless they take Sand Dune Lagoon plus a lot of the old "County Fair" area which might not be a bad idea anyway.) Of course, they can always run out over the South Gate from Dinos between Afterburn and Timmy and make an awesome South Entrance out of it.

Whatever they build, I hope it's a coaster than can run a bit. The real close switchbacks like the Georgia Cyclone would be a let down for me.

Another logical step in making Carowinds the "Cedar Point of the South".
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By gabed

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By gabed
Pink survey markers all over the place and the old Whitewater Falls plot. Maybe one day.
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By gabed
So much of me wants to believe that’s for 2019 even though it’s likely just the flyers.
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By FamousAmos
What if it is for both?
I mean, it makes sense to go ahead and survey that entire area even if part of it is for 2018, and another part for another expansion. Go ahead and survey your land, find the bedrock, find any "lost" underground piping and electrical conduits, etc.
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