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By gabed
Pretty positive that it's being absorbed into whatever area that Ripcord and Intimidator are in. Really, with Panda Express being relocated in 2017, Flying Ace felt oddly placed. Glad to see Snoopy get reduced back to it's little sector of the park.
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By carolinaman
They still had the same restraints last year they have had for years. Maybe they will redo them this year, but I doubt it.
By jeffdavis
With the fighter-jet themed "adult invert" Afterburn I think there's a unique opportunity to theme and name the "kiddie invert" something that is in line with it. That said, I'm struggling to come up with what that new name/theme might be, but this forum has users who are a lot more creative than me.
By RollerBee
uscbandfan wrote:With the paint already going on, any name change and signage is already complete I'm sure.

However, to that end, "Crop-duster" comes to mind.

^If the area becomes part of RFD/Crossroads that name could fit.
By RollerBee
^Gold Season Passholders are allowed access to a select ride before the park opens. Fair warning, the selected ride doesn’t always open for ERT when it is supposed to.
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