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By gabed
Probably going to hold off on visiting the park until the second weekend, pass holder night was crazy busy last year. Maybe I'll brave the crowds next year for Project Alpha :wink:
By Stayseeliz
jeffdavis wrote:Note of interest: This year instead of a "bring-a-friend" free coupon given to everyone on preview night it is a "bring-a-friend for $9.99" coupon. I saw that on Facebook.

Passholder preview night is Friday, 3/23, from 6 to 10. I'll see you there, and when everyone goes left to see Camp Snoopy I'll go right to Fury 325!

It was the $9.99 pass last year too.
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By cwgator
^ Yes
...Once you’ve registered online, you must bring your eligible child to the park to activate. Arrive at the main Carowinds park entrance/North Gate and proceed to our Season Pass Processing Center. 2018 Season Passes may also be purchased and activated during this time. Be sure to bring your child and a valid birth certificate or passport that shows their age....
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By gabed
Always get excited over new maps every year! Curious why they haven't updated it on their cite. Could be worse I guess, Cedar Point hasn't updated their's in a while.

EDIT: Sand Dune Lagoon is still on the map. :?
By Flarsen
I noticed that the flyers aren't on the new park map. Are they still under construction or will they be open for opening weekend?
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By A-z coasters
FamousAmos wrote:The park announced that the flyers will not be opening until the 2019 season.
Someone correct me if I'm wrong please.

Your not wrong. I wonder is Sand Dune Lagoon with still be there in the summer map.
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By gabed
It’s not on the website, my guess is the animator forgot to remove it.
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By gabed
It's hit or miss normally. Passholder night is always slammed which is why I'm gonna wait this year. Usually the weather is your biggest indicator on how crowds are going to be
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