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By cwgator
JWitter wrote:I never recall having these issues when visiting Disney or Universal parks, so what gives?

Those are year-round theme parks that can offer employees full time employment. Of course they are going to have better quality employees.
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By ThatCoasterNerd
JWitter wrote:Just wondering?

I live here in Charlotte, so Carowinds is my home park and I visit as often as possible during the year. I've noticed that the staff aren't usually all that great unless they are operating one of the few big draw rides in the park. They seem especially bad in the kids areas (rides and waterpark)

Anyone else run into this issue?

Is this the case at other CF parks?

I've only been to Cedar Point, and King's dominion (prior to CF buying them)

I never recall having these issues when visiting Disney or Universal parks, so what gives?

On a side note, every Six Flags park I've been too has been awful in regards to the staffing and how they interact with customers.

Most of the employees in the kids areas are slackers, but there are a few who excel at their jobs. My friend Isak, who is a coaster enthusiast, works at Camp Snoopy, and does his absolute best working the few rides he operates. I have no doubt he’ll be promoted very soon.
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By gabed
A job is a job. Unless it starts to affect the speed of dispatches, I never pay attention to the attitudes of ride ops. It’s hotter than hell, people can be rude, and the job likely gets very repetitive and boring very quickly. If some of them are a bit grumpy, I can’t say I blame them.
By dirkdiggler1992
I’m sure pay is a factor and the age of the employees. Look at Dollywood, they’re obviously doing something right, if they as so much as give a fake smile you notice it, we have come to expect extremely well trained staff. I’m sure they are compensated fairly too. If a Carowinds employee gives as much as eye contact I consider it a good day.
By HavenHamilton
I'm hoping the dorms help with employee satisfaction and engagement. There's a stark contrast between employees at Carowinds and Cedar Point. Cedar Point employees tend to be engaged and happy to be doing their job. Carowinds employees tend to be grumpy and annoyed to be doing their job. It starts to wear on you after a while and really detracts from the experience.
By Carowindsman
I can say this having worked at Carowinds from 04-06. The days get very long and it's very hot. I worked my butt off and I enjoyed myself but there were definitely times that you couldn't be happy. One person from the general public can bring you down in a heartbeat. Having a adult say there kid is tall enough to ride even though they can't can destroy your day sometimes. Plus dealing with some coaster enthusiasts who feel they are entitled to anything makes it all fun also. (I had some run ins with apparent enthusiasts who thought they were better than everybody). But this was long ago.
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By tinotoot
Sorry to get off topic, but I was looking on the website to find if umbrellas are permitted in the park (I'm 99% sure they are but I just wanted to double check before my visit in October where it'll likely rain during SCarowinds) but anyways, I saw a rule stating that no filming is allowed in mazes or scare zones?? I knew about the maze rule, and I wasn't going to film in there, but since when are we not allowed to film in the scarezones? I was going to make a vlog of my trip but maybe not if this is the case..
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By coasterbruh
That's generally to deter flash and bright lights. Remember, these people are working and not there to be film stars. If you happen to be walking through filming that's ok, but set up camp in it. Scarezones are meant to be a segway, an outdoor haunt so to speak. So, I recommend that if you do film, as if you are just observing animals in nature and do not intervene or try to get the scaractors attention.
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By coasterbruh
If you can film with no light and won't stop the flow of things then you're cool to film though.
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By cwgator
No shocker here, but in addition to tonight, the park is also closed tomorrow.
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By Chris
sv18 wrote:Is there a big difference between trimless Intimidator and trimmed Intimidator? I've only ever ridden trimmed Intimidator.

Yes. Now some will say there's not because if the trims don't hit, then the train is not going fast enough to engage them. With that said, I much prefer a trimless ride. Even if it's a couple of miles per hour slower (which isn't even noticeable), the airtime hills are insane! The floater air is amazing on this ride no matter what, but when it's trimless, it's a whole other level.
By Christopher Mallis
Does anybody know why the southern star is closed for the rest of the season? Matinence? Quiet removal for future thrilling flat? Rapids camp snoopy and the sky tower are expected but the southern star? I’m going to the park tomorrow so I’ll check in on it and take some pics if needed.
Scheduled Ride Closures On
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By pproteinc
The maintenance man told it’s because the restraints are unlocking during cycles so they are waiting on parts to be delivered which will be early next year. It’s an Intamin ride so that delivery timeline is accurate.
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