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By HiveDive
tarheel1231 wrote:
dirkdiggler1992 wrote:Forgive the potato quality, I’m sure many have heard/seen one of the Firehawk trains out by Fury:

I personally had no idea! Hopefully they ride smoother than the current trains.

The Firehawk trains are not compatible from what I understand, they are likely just going to used for parts.
By BrianH1970
FezzyGamer wrote:Anyone going to SCarowinds tonight?

Was going to until the weather but the kibosh on it. Will be going tomorrow night, maybe check out pumpkinfest earlier in the afternoon, too.
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By pproteinc
I was out there last night. It was pretty good. Only did Depths of Darkness as our intent was night rides on coasters. Lol. Contrary to popular there not that many fog machine if you ask me than in the past. When there use to be fog everywhere. The seem more centralized in the scarezones rather than all over the midways. I will say the scarezone under Nighthawk has extremely to much fog they can move one elsewhere. Nothing like seeing the kids go directly in front of these machines and inhale or suck in the fog smh. Certain scarezone locations are still weird to me. They shows a ok. The Brigade show is a welcome change. Gives a nod to New Orleans Madi Gras. Haunted theme foods are back in various restaurants and stands. Harmony Hall bar has some Halloween themed drinks about $9.99 each. Also they have food tents and stands throughout the park. There’s one in front of Camp Store that sells grilled cheese, Italian sausage or beef dogs. A stand under nighthawk is selling chicken and waffles, another at the copper head plaza selling hamburgers, there a popcorn stand next to fair fries in county fair. No they are not included on the new plan.

ION: The new parking lot is in the paving process. That’s going to be one hell of a walk to the get lol and one hell of a u-turn from the toll plaza to the new road. It’s sharp now but it’s going to be quite a turn to get to the new roadway. The old exit has been completely removed and the new exit has been placed where the old drop off lot was. The hotel is nearing completion. It still looks very very small to me but great for more accommodations for guest in the area.
By Christopher Mallis
Lol so after all the parking lot construction is done and hotel opens, the parking booth entrance to carowinds wont look like a mess anymore. The new parking lot looks like you can only go down one row of parking one way and it’s not a two way road. I think this may cause some problems.
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