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By Hiveminded
^Good I was about to ask the same question. Ill also be there tomorrow with some friends for the first time since opening day! And Im also getting that webcam error too, I wanted to see how bad the parking lot was going to be today. :P
By RollerBee
Not by choice but I will be at Carowinds in couple hours. Would have preferred to wait until next weekend but an emergency trip to Charlotte had to made today so I figure it would make sense to swing by Carowinds afterwards. I might just ride Thunder Road the rest of the day.
Jonathan wrote:Anyone know why the park opens at 9 the next four days? I'm hoping the place will be completely dead tomorrow but that 9 am opening makes me think there's some special event going on I'm not aware of.

Where do you see it opens at 9? says 10-6 (unless I am reading the key wrong)
Jonathan wrote:I must be going crazy. It says 10 now but I swear when I posted that it said 9.

:lol: The only day I saw opening at 9 was last Friday. I'm going tomorrow and wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. Are the 9:30 ERT times everyday for pass holders ?
By kirkgun
Jonathan wrote:I must be going crazy. It says 10 now but I swear when I posted that it said 9.

If you are crazy, I've got be thrown in the loony bin with you. I am 100% sure that it said 9 also. It seemed strange compared to the hours throughout the rest of the season, but it definitely said 9-6 on Monday through Thursday this week.

My bet is that it was a typo that has been corrected. I'm glad you all pointed it out, I thought it would be a great opportunity to get to the park early, and have really short lines for a couple hours (try the biscuits and gravy) and head home.

Thanks for this. Glad that I found out before I had to sit in my car for an hour.
By uscbandfan
They moved camera #2. Maybe it's so we can get a better view of Rex guarding the Fury turnaround. At least we can see more of the lot and part of intimidator. I like that you can see parking lot old and new as well. I hope they re-do the old lot and plan some trees out there as well.
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