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^^ agree. Park would become nothing if things didn't change. I guess let the bashing commence and then the conversation can turn to something productive. I'm excited and I don't do water parks but I understand business and how things work. You can't run a business with your heart. You have to use your brain.
Look on the bright side, there's more to suck crowds away from Fury and Intimidator during the summer.

I think it looks nice, though nothing groundbreaking. The water park really needed a better identity and it is getting it.
pproteinc wrote:I swear you cant please everybody. Smh. I dont know why peaople expect to get some high thrill ride every year when there are multi demographics to address in the park. Everybody are not thrill junkies a park gets a high thrill ride one year more than likely the next year would be a kids or waterpark expansion. In this case waterpark that stretches to all demographics from infants to seniors. Great job Carowinds. Who said that they were replacing Thunder Road next year? Not a soul. Maybe in 2017 or 2018. Chill. Dont like dont come. Simple. :roll: :wave:

Am I the only one excited about the Harbor House Restaurant? Lol Got my meal plan I'm ready. Seafood freak here.

Cant wait for October now.

I like water parks so It's not about that. I knew what was coming as far as it being not high thrill. The slide complex is completely unoriginal and the attractions just don't look all that fun. Everything else space wise was wasted(stuff we already had). if you are gonna tear down a ride like TR you are gonna face some backlash for the decision, especially if it's not for a good reason. It's a great reason for them money wise but I expected this water park expansion to really wow me. I'm lining their pockets just like you and the general public so I have a right to speak my mind(as do you) so forgive us if we aren't exactly the most happy people right now(go check Facebook). no idea why the plants vs zombies thing is later on.
^I like him, his opinion is similar to mine. I haven't been since Thunder Road closed, and Carolina Harbor doesn't wow me enough to be worth the loss of Thunder Road. Sorry Carowinds, try again next year.
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Personally, I 'm not interested in water parks. I have never done one and probably never will. But I think this is a great addition for the park. Water parks are wildly popular for a large portion of the population, and this expansion will help the park's bottom line, which will benefit my needs in the long term. I got my fix this year, so I'm very happy to sit back and let the water park people rejoice. Great job Carowinds! In the future it will probably be the kiddie section. I'm pleased they are focusing on the overall park experience, even though some of those areas don't interest me. At the end of the day, it is not about my needs all of the freaking time.
Edwardo wrote:PS Rollerbee is an adult on the Internet. He *cant* be bullied. He has every opportunity to log off.

I didn't literally mean bullied but the sentiment here is always bad towards him. And by all means please educate yourself, an adult can absolutely be bullied over the Internet. It's caused suicides.
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