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By Mr.Nitro
coasterbruh wrote:Goodbye cyclone. . .

My goodness, this would TOTALLY fit. As much as I wouldn't mind TOO much..... I'd rather see it where Vortex is. As I have great childhood memories with the Cyclone. Vortex is a waste of space.
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By TheBoss01
First time I'm touching on this topic.

To me, it seems that over the lifetime of Carowinds, they haven't removed too many roller coasters. Personally, I could see Hurler, Vortex, Nighthawk, and Kiddyhawk all get the axe at some point in the future. I feel that Carowinds could remove and replace some of the flat rides in County Fair because all of them seem to be maintenance nightmares whenever I visit the park.

Going off of this, I believe Carowinds could use a few things. Looking at flat rides, Carowinds could definitely use a Frisbee and a S&S Screamin Swing. These two would be excellent addition regardless of where they are located in the park. Now onto rollercoasters. Carowinds is the one park I keep screaming at to add a GCI :lol: . But seriously, Carowinds really needs a new wooden coaster. Sure, hurler is fun, but it is SO OUTDATED and bland. However I do appreciate Carowinds' efforts to restore it every couple of years. However after riding Thunderhead and Mystic Timbers for the first time last year, Carowinds could really use something like one of these. Carowinds might also be one of the gifted Cedar Fair parks to get an RMC, whether it be single rail or hybrid, depending on CF's relations with RMC and their thoughts on all the parks surrounding Carowinds having RMCs. Since Carowinds has great relations with B&M, I wouldn't be surprised if Carowinds went the dive coaster route, or wing coaster route. Both would be great if they were placed on the Nighthawk/Vortex plot. Either way, I'm really hoping that Carowinds pulls a GCI sometime soon.
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