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By coasterbruh
Carowindsman wrote:Starting a new thread .
. .

Or so you thought :lol: :clap:
I say no to removing stuff for the sake of removing.
Nothing should be removed. Nighthawk is a good coaster. It's not even the workers fault when it come to slow moving riders removing all items and baggage from their luggage/ pockets. The general public love it, and it's a fast lane plus attraction. ALSO, a double loading station will not help anything really. Plus, you wil need double the staffing to run both sides. One thing that will help nighthawk staff is lockers. They can do the same process as Kings Island. As a matter of fact, Intimidator & Nighthawk should jump on board with lockers. That will help speed up loading times. I feel the other locations can remain the same with bins. I will say I'm down for the removal of that sketchy YoYo ride. That would be a nice location for a Breakdance or Tilt A Whirl ride.
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By gabed
Really, Nighthawk's capacity would greatly improve if they'd just remove bins and add lockers. Make it so your reservation can switch between locations across the park too like Six Flags and Cedar Point.
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By gabed

Honestly Six Flags has impressed me with their stand ups. Georgia Scorcher was actually really enjoyable and Green Lantern wasn't bad at all. Mantis though... *shivers*
I hadn't ridden vortex for a while then I rode it last year and had a little bit of a headache because of the banging.I rode it this year it wasn't as bad I don't know what changed and I agree with an earlier post it's not that bad other than the corkscrew. I think they could illuminate the headbanging if they just put better padding but who knows what they might do,also I still wonder why do they still have the yo-yo after putting zephyr in. Just a thought .
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fonzlinney wrote: I still wonder why do they still have the yo-yo after putting zephyr in Just a thought .

Zephyr and Do-Si-Do replaced Yo-Yo and the Scrambler (updated version of both rides), so if Yo-Yo and the Scrambler have a lower ride attendance, it wold be likely that they remove them. Lately when I go to Carowinds, Yo-Yo is typically closed.
I disagree, while Yo Yo and Zephyr are the same basic ride especially if Yo Yo operates as designed. Scrambler and Do-Si-Do are two very different rides that may look similar at first but have two very different experiences. Further there has been many days I have skipped Scrambler because of how long the line was.

Plus many parks have both a Scrambler and Troika(Do-Si-Do).
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By gabed
Not to mention that Scrambler is one of four original attractions left in the park. It takes up no space and continues to attract guests. Keep it.
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