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Who remembers what are the four original rides that are still at Carowinds. I was talking to an employee there about a month ago and he asked me could I name what original rides were still in the park. I missed one.
Snoopy junction is not in its original condition. Highly modified. But it seems the park still considers it.
coasterbruh wrote:Snoopy junction is not in its original condition. Highly modified.

Carowinds says it is original, railroad tracks get moved from the original alignment all the time. The Disneyland Railroad has had its route changed atleast twice if not more since 1955. Comparing a 1955 aerial view of Disneyland to Google Map taken in 2016, the Disneyland Railroad's route has been moved nearly everywhere expect Main Street Station.

Plus changing the track doesn't change the fact that the locomotive and its passenger cars are original to the park.
coasterbruh wrote:Have you met rollernut?

If he came to C3 in 2015, it is possible.

And I didn't riot or join in on the protests at the park prior to the demolish of Thunder Road. I voiced my displeasure and took my money elsewhere for a season.
TheBoss01 wrote:
fonzlinney wrote: I still wonder why do they still have the yo-yo after putting zephyr in Just a thought .

Zephyr and Do-Si-Do replaced Yo-Yo and the Scrambler (updated version of both rides), so if Yo-Yo and the Scrambler have a lower ride attendance, it wold be likely that they remove them. Lately when I go to Carowinds, Yo-Yo is typically closed.
Sorry, Scrambler & Do Si Do, are two different rides with different height requirements. The scrambler is a park staple for just about any park.
As much as I loved Cyclone growing up, and is a very large part of why I am an enthusiast, I would also vote for Cyclone and rearranging the garden/maintenance areas behind it. It would open up a nicely sized area for a launch coaster or something else.
By super7
Nighthawk definitely needs to go. Awful ride. Looks horrible where it is. There are other places for coasters outer than the center of the park. They should use that space to make the park spectacular once again like it was when the Sternwheeler lake was there.
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