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By cackylack
How about a Vortex replacement -- what if we got Kanonen from Liseberg? Screamscape is saying the buyer is a park in the US, to be a 2018 coaster. I'd take it -- it'd fit in the Vortex footprint, and still be a family (sorta) coaster.
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By BS1983CLT
Due to the recent news of White Water Falls being torn down, lets start up the 2018 guessing game!

With all of the land that is cleared from the old mini-golf site and now WWF site. That's a pretty decent piece of land. Now if you take out Sand Dune Lagoon - then that's a massive piece of land!

If I was a betting man, the park will build their next coaster in the old County Fair area. The entrance be back around PvsZ. The whole area would thrive with the new traffic of park goers.

The park needs a new modern woodie and a launch coaster.

Will Cedar Fair build 3 coasters in 2018? KD & CP are already confirmed to receive RMC makeovers.

But a good size GCI for Carowinds would only run 6-10 million.

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By gabed
Eh, I wouldn't shoot down the possibility of a 2018 coaster just yet. Call me a conspiracy theorist but I do find it odd that Cedar Point and Kings Island got coasters 3 years after their last one. And to be fair that is a lot of land being opened up. Time will tell I guess.
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By coasterbruh
I'm not shooting down a 2018 coaster, just a 2018 right there. It's other (pre)historic places in the park one can go other than right beside the water park. And it will also take up valuable real estate for harbor expansions.
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By coasterbruh
Those are the same restraints on Cobras . . . that someone complained that they still get ear banging (but everyone I asked doesn't).
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By FamousAmos
I never get head banging on Cobra. And with our new restraints, I actually ride it a lot now. I still joke that it's an older Vekoma :lol:
But now it looks brand-spankin' new
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