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pproteinc wrote:There is an off road. Make a right just before entering the entry way to the toll plaza.

Wasn't that the road that used to take you to the old season pass parking?
It's about to get real . . .

“Management expects to announce details on branded flagged hotel properties in Toronto and Charlotte by year-end 2017,” wrote Tim Conder, an analyst at Wells Fargo, in a note to clients after a recent trip to Canada’s Wonderland.

But then . . .
“We have identified Canada's Wonderland as a desirable location where we are considering expanding our resort accommodations,” a Cedar Fair spokesperson told BNN via email. “However, no announcements have been made at this time.”
Carowinds is in Cedar Fair's largest growing market where they've stated several times they're committed to making it the CP of the that they want it to be a multi day and multi stay park. I know they're also looking at several cities with parks to build more Sports Force parks (not necessarily right by said parks, because the one in Sandusky is not right beside CP).

Canada's Wonderland is often the highest attended regional park in the world. It would make sense to add one there. They're a little slower to develop there because its more of a well rounded park (Regardless of the quality of their rides), so they're filling in holes here and there, but a hotel would fill in a big hole.

All of it makes perfect sense.
I read the article. They said they expect to make announcements by the end of 2017. If they announce a hotel this year when do you guys think it will begin construction and/or open its door. Very excited to see this possibility becoming more likely. Charlotte has many new hotels coming in but most are in the city and none by carowinds. The Hotels by carowinds are for Coaster Enthusiasts, Not families.
Only anenities I can see at this potential hotel is just like the Breakers Express at CP. They had a beautiful lobby with photos and a gift shop. There was a nice outdoor pool with tables and lounge chairs. I however don't see a full blown indoor waterpark being attached. Maybe a super sized arcade, and a restaurant. But hey, you never know.
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