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chknwing wrote:as nice as it would be to see the resort from the highway, thats a pretty long walk from that area to the park.

Yeah I don’t see the problem. I mean, how do you think they get people from Express and Castaway Bay to Cedar Point?

They’re not going to put it right up against the park. No place good to put it near an entrance anyways.
It wouldn't surprise me if some sort of re-shuffling gets done to the road markings in the current parking lot; if trams are added that is. They could go ahead and slightly change a few things to give access to both north and south gate, as well as the hotel, for the trams. And of course, the campground could still have it's own tram like it currently does.
Were the trams still around back when south gate first opened with Afterburn? If so, was there a specific path they had? the only trams I've ever used for a park were for SFOG and Dollywood, both of which I thought done a great job operationally.
C:TEY says that the trams were replaced by South Gate, the former tram road is mostly gone but a section still exists between Fury and Intimidator. Until Intimidator was built you can still see the markings on the asphalt from the trams. At somepoint after 1992 the tram loading/unloading area was reworked when the North Gate ticket booths were added.
More information from accela. Turns out the building itself will be completely within North Carolina:

130 rooms and outdoor amenities (likely a pool).

For those of you wondering what a 130 room hotel may look like, this Holiday in rendering gives a decent idea: Image

^(Above rendering not related to Carowinds in any way)
Ah you beat me to it!

I’m gonna go ahead and throw a wild guess that this will be announced with our 2019 additions later this year.

Can’t wait until this and our GCI get announced together in August :sarcasm: :lol:
I think 2019 is our year for a coaster. I mean it all fits in together. Build a new hotel and open a new coaster in the same year.

Why open a new hotel and add a flat ride or a water slide?

Doesn't make sense.

This way, they get more crowds for this hotel.
If you are inferring that they will need a hotel because of a Vortex conversion, I will be suspiciously amused. Personally, I think a Vortex conversion might bring in an RV load of new customers... but a hotel full? :roll:

I like a new woodie (or hybrid woodie) would go well alongside a hotel. A new, custom coaster... not a Hurler remake.
tarheel1231 wrote:I’m thinking the hotel construction starts this summer, and given that it’d take about eighteen months to complete, it’ll be open in 2020. That’ll coincide with the Vortex conversion.

Predict Hotel construction starts this spring without an announcement and 99% of the public will have no idea and just think it's another random hotel and not Carowinds. 130 rooms not that big and could be completed for 2019 season. Vortex conversion occurs for 2019 season. 2020 new launch coaster as CGA and CP got new coasters the year after their conversions. Floorless conversions are pretty cheap and thus doesn't seem to effect Cedar Fair's new coaster and cap exp schedule for a particular park.
cadi40 wrote:I don't know if anyone has seen this but there is a proposal for a new Panthers Stadium to go near Carowinds. Now if this did happen, It would make Carowinds Blvd an even bigger tourist area than it already is. ... /506618541

It could also make traffic on Carowinds Blvd an even bigger nightmare.
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