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An isolated suburban dome is going to be a non-starter for a lot of events. Any new stadium needs to remain in, or very close to the CBD for convention hotels and the like.
The only good news from this possible scenario is they could draw additional new tax dollars from South Carolina tax payers. They are the "Carolina" Panthers after all for both of the Carolinas and not just for Charlotte.

There has been some chatter regarding other possible sites in York County although, based on their voting records, most residents would likely vote against public funding so it would be highly unlikely. In addition, the county itself simply doesn't have the tax base to support building a billion dollar football stadium.
Bank of America Stadium opened in 1995. 22 years ago. So, the stadium is older. The can do all the enhancements that they want, bottom line, the stadium doesn't have the amenities that the dome stadium would.

So yes, the Panthers need a new stadium.

This new domed stadium will be able to host events like:
The Super Bowl
NCAA Final Four
NCAA College Football Championship game
Possible Charlotte soccer team
Massive concerts
Wrestling and more!

There is a lot of money to be made from the domed stadium.
RollerBee wrote:Wasn’t there a Super Bowl that was played in the snow recently?

I am not a sports fan by the way.

Yes, the Super Bowl was played in New York City. So that explains why there was a Superbowl played in the cold weather. Would they do that for a smaller market city? No. Probably not.
If they’re going to build a new stadium then they need to send the panthers back to Clemson for a season and just demolish and rebuild on the same site. They really need to keep them down town. Esp after they just spent a ton of money doing upgrades to the stadium.
HUGE waste of money IMHO.

First things first. They need to get bought by an investment group that wants to keep them in the Charlotte area. Last year, there was a group interested in taking them out west. (Of course we all know how the Chargers and LA turned out... I think they need to leave the Panthers where they are)

Anyway, the big wigs want the best of the best in luxury boxes, biggest scoreboard, fanciest retractable roof (we see how that turned out in Atl), most glass, etc etc. There is something to be said about renovation though. They were all but ready to tear down the Super Dome 20 years ago because of a lack of Luxury boxes and amenities but they "Found a way".

Well, yes, BofA isn't a dome. In this area of the country it doesn't need to be. If rain keeps you away from a football game, then you're not a football fan. The sport was built in the mud-filled trenches. Don't get John Madden started....

Personally, I wouldn't go see a basketball game in a football dome if you gave me tickets. Anyone I know that has been there said that you can't see a thing! You're too busy trying to look at the video boards rather than live action. Well, I have a video board at home called a television that probably costs less than a single final-four ticket. If I go to a game, I want to watch the live action and only glance at the video for the replays.

I digress, it will be what the big-wigs want it to be. It might help the Carowinds area because the shops, restaurants and hotels will certainly sprout but personally, let's keep the Panthers downtown.
They could spend much less money on renovations and we would be fine. The Panthers Stadium has the 10th largest capacity out all of the NFL Stadiums. We don't need a new one, And if for some reason we do get one, KEEP! IT! UPTOWN!
I also agree that a new stadium would be a huge waste of money. It is a lot more cost effective to refurbish the existing structure. I don't mind a dome, but they could certainly retrofit a dome over the existing stadium. While adding a dome to the existing stadium may cost more than the difference in cost between a new open stadium vs. a new domed stadium, it still would be more cost effective in the long run. A dome would give us better crowd noise for home field advantages.

This topic is one of the reasons why I never moved into Mecklenburg county - I've not agreed with a lot of their expenditures, and am happy my local tax money isn't going to those expenditures. Any state taxes impacted will be the same regardless of where I live in NC.
Is the Hotel going to be announced in for 2019 additions? I'm sure others noticed but I find it interesting that on the permit for the Hotel it said 'Carowinds Entertainment District'. I think this would help convey there may be additional amenities such as retail or dining, At least I hope so.
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