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Really wouldn’t surprise me if Carowinds and Canada’s Wonderland announced their hotels this year to tie along with their coasters for 2019.
It wouldn't surprise me either but I just really hope it happens this year. No matter what Carowinds has in store for the next few years, it's gonna be big so a new hotel (that may be advertised as a resort) won't surprise me at all, but it definitely will give me another reason to look forward to Carowinds 2019.
I think Carowinds might start construction soon on the Hotel and then announce it with their new attractions. Carowinds is on the road to becoming an even bigger attraction and it's starting to advertise to people that don't just live in CLT. It's becoming more regional with every expansion they do.
sorashaun wrote:
tarheel1231 wrote:It’s not likely anyone is going to look up the documents or actually care other than enthusiasts.

There is an entire article about it in the Charlotte Business Journal.

The readers of that are also about the only people in the Charlotte area that would even care at this point. Locals aren't going to be staying there. They will announce the hotel likely with the 2019 attractions when it will make sense. That's the earliest it could open anyway. Why waste time making an official announcement when it's not needed?

*won't be paying for a subscription*

I was however able to copy the more important info from it before it blocked it:
Carowinds will soon begin site work to make way for a development on at least part of the land it rezoned last year.

The amusement park confirmed it will begin construction on a five-floor, 130-room SpringHill Suites by Marriott hotel this spring on the northeast corner of Carowinds. The Charlotte Business Journal previously reported that the 24.2-acre parcel at 14523 Carowinds Blvd., which Carowinds rezoned last year, was pegged for a SpringHill Suites hotel.

Expected to break ground by the end of March, the hotel will be owned and operated by Carowinds as a Marriott franchise. It's the first hotel that Carowinds will develop, though its parent company, Cedar Fair Entertainment Co. (NYSE: FUN) out of Sandusky, Ohio, owns four hotels elsewhere.

The hotel will include suites as well as a pool, fitness center, small bar and an outdoor seating area with a fire pit, according to Lisa Stryker, director of communications at Carowinds. The SpringHill Suites is expected to open in the summer of 2019.

Stryker said there are no other confirmed plans for the remainder of the site and that Carowinds is "always considering the best use of land." Cedar Fair acquired the land in 2011 for $810,000. A conventional rezoning request last year rezoned the land to a light industrial zoning designation that permits a wide range of commercial uses.

So construction starts in March with a Summer 2019 scheduled opening.

Carowinds tweeted a rendering earlier (thanks to tarheel 1231 for that info)
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I wish it was a Carowinds Hotel. Who knows though, With Carowinds adding new things every year to Carowinds maybe they'll build one of their own eventually. It looks nice just very generic for those types of Hotels. One thing I ask is that they upgrade the park shuttle and add a few touches of Carowinds inside the Hotel.
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Everything is happening all at once, LOL. I’m honestly shocked to see it opening so soon, I thought for sure we would not see it open until 2020 at the earliest. It looks beautiful though, minimalist but with character.

As if the permits want enough, this solidifies, for me at least, that we will be seeing a coaster next year.
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