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I don’t know how to feel yet. I thinks it’s stupid with a Comfort Inn right there. Why Marriott? Why not a Southern Carolinian theme with an indoor water park for extra year round revenue. Tennis courts, more elaborate pool, volleyball courts, something other hotels in the area don’t have already. Does it even have a restaurant with a breakfast buffet? I know more details will come in time. I was expecting more of a resort. This look like any other basic hotel in the area already especially with another Marriott (Townesuites) going behind Cracker Barrell. I don’t know give me some time. lol
So based on the information given in the photo and from previous permits, it looks like the location of the hotel will be around here:
I would have drawn a more detailed diagram, but I'm lazy.

We can assume this because:
-The first detailed permit stated that the site straddles the state line, with the entire building being within North Carolina. download/file.php?id=5259&mode=view/2018-01-04.png
-There was a permit filed on York County's website named "Carowinds Hotel" download/file.php?id=5258&mode=view/2017-12-28.png
-In the official rendering of the hotel, you can see what appears to be the freeway in the top right corner. So it looks like you'll enter in off of Catawba Trace Rd, park in South Carolina and stay in North Carolina.
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Everything is happening all at once, LOL. I’m honestly shocked to see it opening so soon, I thought for sure we would not see it open until 2020 at the earliest. It looks beautiful though, minimalist but with character.

Not shocking at all. Cedar Fair's investor presentation capital investment matrix thru 2020 shows no "accommodations" added for 2020,but does for 2019. 2020 Cedar Fair is only doing rides and basic infrastructure, no hotles, water parks, interactive rides, no dark rides, etc...2020 is an across the chain celebration for Cedar Point's 150th, it will all rides/coasters galore.
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Airtime Blog Post:


Carowinds will be breaking ground on a new hotel this spring. This is excellent news for those looking to make the most out of their visit. Its convenient location, adjacent to the park, will put guests close to the action - allowing ideal access to comfortable lodging and easy access to play. The hotel is scheduled to open the summer of 2019.

The five-floor, 130-room SpringHill Suites by Marriott hotel will be perfect for families looking for the best place to stay near Carowinds. It will feature a pool, fitness center, an outdoor seating area with a fire pit, suites and a small bar - making it an oasis for your overnight visit at the premier entertainment destination in the Carolinas.

The hotel will operate as a Marriott franchise - owned and managed by Carowinds. It will be open 365 days a year, which also makes it a great lodging choice for business and leisure travelers in the area - especially since it is located right off I-77.

The new hotel will offer a little extra space with suites larger than typical hotel rooms. Separate living, working and sleeping spaces will provide our guests with flexibility and functionality. Not to mention, the comfortable beds, soft linens and plush pillows allow for an optimum night’s sleep - ensuring you’re refreshed and energized for a fun day in the park.

From the guest rooms to the lobby, every aspect of design will be carefully selected to offer calm, refreshing spaces for relaxation. Featuring a brand new design that adds depth and sophistication to the decor, the hotel will also foster a great atmosphere for socializing and/or casual meetings.

With so much to do at Carowinds, especially with Carolina Harbor waterpark (which is included with admission to Carowinds) and the all-new Camp Snoopy kids’ area, the new hotel will surely add convenience and comfort to anyone’s vacation or overnight stay at the park. Stay tuned to the AirTime blog for more updates about this exciting announcement.
pproteinc wrote:I don’t know how to feel yet. Why Marriott? Does it even have a restaurant with a breakfast buffet? I know more details will come in time. I was expecting more of a resort.

I actually like Springhill properties and will pick one over a Fairfield, Courtyard or a Residence Inn. They are designed with a little touch of a funky vibe. Not sleek modern, but "fresh." Yes, they do have a breakfast buffet.

Most have a large lobby with various seating alcoves, a bar and lots of TV's. The rooms are larger than a standard hotel room. They have a small wall that creates a den area with a desk, large sofa, microwave, refrigerator and large lamps.

My only complaint about them is the bed coverings are not as thick as a regular Marriott and the bed is not as "plush."

Why Marriott you ask-- why not? Marriott is the world's largest hotel company (Marriott, Ritz, Westin, St. Regis, W, Gaylord, Autograph Collection, Aloft, etc). Owning all of those brands mean loyalty members who will pick your property as opposed to one down the street. I take it as a good sign that Cedar Fair is partnering with Marriott. A Springhill is a very decent start, and Marriott offers the opportunity to expand to a higher product if Cedar Fair continues down this track.
Looks like SpringHill Suites won't be the only Marriott Hotel coming to the state line. It looks like they're building a 120-room TownePlace Suites next to Cracker Barrel as well: ... 94454.html

If I had to guess the location, it's probably going here:
tarheel1231 wrote:
sorashaun wrote:As I said :roll:

I looked through your posts and I didn’t see you specify the location. So exactly where did you say this?

Because I didn’t say anything about the location. I said it wasn’t gonna take until August to announce the hotel because there has been numerous articles about it already.
cadi40 wrote:I hope maybe they sneak in a gift shop or just some Carowinds touches. I hope the is the first step to really becoming a regional park and one day down the road a destination.

Carowinds has always been a regional park and has kinda been a destination park ever since Fury
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