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I meant the Charlotte area in general though. Off the top of my head, the nearest tournament style indoor sports complex in the Charlotte area is in Concord (and I mean downtown Concord, not the area by the Speedway). There are at least three FEC’s within 5 miles of the park. Considering the fact that Cedar Fair built a sports complex in Sandusky, and the quote from that article stating that indoor sports complexes are in demand, I have a hard time believing this Sportsplex won’t be for amateur/youth leagues.
back to our earlier discussion of top tourist attractions:

From The Charlotte Business Journal (Friday March 29):
This week’s Charlotte Business Journal lists the area’s top tourist attractions, ranked by 2017 attendance. Carowinds tops the list with an estimated attendance of 2 million visitors.

That amusement park, owned by Ohio-based Cedar Fair Entertainment (NYSE: FUN), straddles the state line between North Carolina and South Carolina, just south of Charlotte.

The Spectrum Center and Charlotte Motor Speedway round out the top three, each with attendance of over 1 million in 2017.
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