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Well since this has become the Carowinds Connection Soap Opera, why don't I throw my 2 cents in.....

Didn't Cedar Fair say in a conference call that they were looking for a third party to work with? I wonder if this means they inked a contract or they are proceeding on their own?
So assuming they're announcing a hotel in the coming years, what third-party operator could they be considering partnering up with? Who are the most likely candidates, and who would you like to see operate the hotel/resort?

[EDIT] Turns out bruh has already asked this question, but I'm still curious to see what you think the most likely operator for the hotel is.
I said this a few years ago when everyone was discussing the news that CF was considering a hotel in the Charlotte area, and I just wanted to bring it up again... :wave:

The name "Queen of the Carolinas" would be a beautiful name for a potential restort hotel. It's a play on the name of the iconic sternwheeler that once lived in the Carowinds lake, the "Carolina Queen". If they're gonna be tying the hotel itself into the Carolina theme, I think this would be a great way to pay tribute to a beloved, fallen landmark.
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I just want to point out a false memory, the Sternwheeler was actually named "Carolina" not "Carolina Queen" but I still call her the "Carolina Queen" also.

Note the sign on her side reads "Carolina" and the sign above the waiting area says "Carolina" and "Queen of the river" under the name. Oddly enough the sign doesn't read "Carolina Sternwheeler" as it was labeled on park maps.
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