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Dollywood has them scattered around as well as pretty much all major parks. Every park in FLA has one. I can't think of a park that I have been in that doesn't have some form of one.
I remember a long time ago, back in paramount days, they had a play area with slides and such.... Anyone else remember this or have pictures? I barely remember as I was probably around 10 years old....
By Cameron
I do remember the play area and it was massive. I use to spend hours and hours there when I was a kid and I do have several photos but i'm not going to the attic and dig through 30 boxes with at least 1,000 photos each in them lol. Maybe one day.

I know the still exist cause I did see them a few years ago when the boxes were down and my mom was scrap booking.

I remember one of the photos was of a female employee helping me out of the ball pit :lol:
The ball pit likely means you are thinking of The Power Station that was introduced in 1995 to Animation Station (Camp Snoopy). It was a red three-story climbing structure with nets, tunnels, ball pits, sand pit, etc. Like the play areas in fast food restaurants, but on steroids. It was located in the loop of Lazytown Sportscopters (Woostock's Whirlybirds) approximately where Peanut Pirates is/was. Circled in red on this map.
The Power Station in Animation Station.
Seen it on Instagram. I like the name too. Now I'm curious about what the train will look like.
jeffdavis wrote:Was the play area on Smurf Island?

Not the one I am thinking of it was in Hanna Barbara land..... I do believe its the ones mentioned.... I never got to actually see smurf island opened, closest thing I got was a Scarowinds maze.....
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