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By jeffdavis
cadi40 wrote:Do you guys think they will have themed wilderness music in this area? It's really what could kill this area for me if they are blasting Maroon 5.

What is themed wilderness music? I don't mean that sarcastically, I just can't envision it.
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By gabed
Dollywood music more or less is what I’d like to see, or hear I guess. Country... but not TOO country. Almost bluegrassy
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By gabed
Assuming it will get painted like the one at Cedar Point, which is great news! Wonder what will happen to The Fairly Scooby Express?
Thanks for the video! I was watching a live feed of Dollywood yesterday, was hoping to see the backstage tour but it cut off...

As far as peanut pirates, its not going anywhere..... Cool to know that Lucy Crabbie Cabby is getting new paint and name to go with the area. Cant wait to see how the new kids area turns out, I know my girlfriends 6 year old son will love it and my 11 and 14 year old daughters will enjoy riding a few of these with him as well!
The tipping canoe for Camp Snoopy has arrived!

[EDIT] More pictures from the park's instagram:

Another angle of the canoe

Centerpiece for Pigpen's Mudbuggies

??? What are these for?
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