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Is CS really gonna be ready for March 24? I don't know if it looks like it's almost done or just halfway because every time I look at the live cam I see progress but I just don't know how close/far they to to/from being done and ready for opening day, which is only like 5-6 weeks from now.
Maaaannn, you're not small enough for these rides lol. This isn't "our" year lol lol. They can save all their energy for 2019 :twisted: :wave: .
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By gabed
There’s still a month until pass holder night. I have faith. Even if it’s not done by then, like coasterbruh said, it’s not our problem

I hate this new Snapchat btw.
By RollerBee
jeffdavis wrote:
RollerBee wrote:From the webcam the covered que is still standing at Ghoster Coaster.

Where is Ghoster Coaster? Is that what you call Woodstock Express?

Scooby-Doo’s Ghoster Coaster(1995-2004)
Fairly OddCoaster(2005-2009)
Woodstock Express(2010-)

I still call Afterburn Top Gun too. For some reason Ghoster Coaster popped in my head this time but I normally call it OddCoaster.

It is easier to start using the new names for me when I like the new name better(Afterburn for example).

While I am on the subject Rebel Yell will always be referred to as Rebel Yell by me.
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