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tarheel1231 wrote:Typically when they use White Lightnin’ in a teaser campaign, they don’t end up using it as a name (e.g. Intimidator, Fury), and it looks like Centurion is out the window too.

OR - throw a curveball - everyone is expecting the same trolling with these teasers, right? So it wouldn't be a shock to anyone that the teasers are mostly lies, OR, this time really troll everyone where there is more truth in these teasers than previous ones.
Cameron wrote:Clearing out the gift shop dosen't necessarily mean anything. Could just be that they've sold as much merchandise as they possibly could and they can just add little to other gift shops.

When the ride was built I am pretty sure there was some kind of agreement on using the name with Earhardt Inc. Thought it was a 10 year thing, but could be way wrong on this. The fact that they are clearing it out, could definitely mean that it will change. When I was there Friday I realized how bad the coaster needs some new paint, so it would be a perfect opportunity to re-paint it and give it a new theme/name. I would say it will keep a "racing" theme, but I could be wrong. I guess we will just have to wait and see on that one, as you are right, just because the merch is gone, doesn't mean it will be changed, as I think the end of last year wasn't it gone as well? I dont know how long its been gone this year, just noticed a few weeks ago myself as I never ride Intimidator much anymore. Only time will tell :D
My guess is lockers in place of the merch just as we seen at KD. If we see a retheme it’ll happen to both and the faded paint doesn’t make me think they are holding out on a re-theme, just saving money. It is past due for a new coat though.

As far as the name, we have a US trademark filed by Cedar Fair that I still believe to be the mostly likely candidate. It literally has the name “strike” in the title (launch). Of course there is a possibility it could be named something else but I don’t understand why people disregard concrete stuff like permits or trademarks and instead over analyze fun teasers.
That is a high possibility with lockers did not think of this, I did see that KI had did this on Banshee. As for trademarks, its not as "concrete" as you think, as Centurion was trademarked in 2014, and has yet to be used. Yes, it makes sense that it would be used here, but Carowinds is not the only cedar fair park getting a new coaster next year. I like the name though, so I do hope its ours. I was a big believer that CP was getting "Railblazer" and it turned out to be Steel Vengeance, so you can never tell :) Might be a name that has not even been trademarked...
Not saying its going to happen, BUT they really have a really good chance of doing something unique. They could bring back the White Lightenin' and Thunder Road Names. They showed with Mystic Timbers and Twisted Timbers that they like a back story. Well, The Moonshiners running White Lightenin' down Thunder Road being chased by the Revenuers(the moonshine being fronted by the Byrd Corn Farm) is a great back story. So the New coaster could be White Lightenin' and they could Re-Theme Intimidator to be Thunder Road. :) (Of course, a new Mobius Loop RMC Woodie would make a better Thunder Road...just sayin') It could be both unique and a nod to history at the same time.
What other CF parks are getting coasters besides us and Canada’s Wonderland? Dorney leak was apparently a hoax (it looked fake too) and Canada’s files their trademarks in Canada, right?

All I’m saying is don’t be surprised when Copperhead Strike is announced in August.
Ya - copperhead strike sounds much more like a Carolina's name than any other CF park, so that's probably it. But I still hold onto hope that you never know until the announcement. Even still, this would have been a brilliant opportunity for them to use the White Lightnin' name and paint the Mack coaster white. It would be beautiful bright white.
Cameron wrote:Clearing out the gift shop dosen't necessarily mean anything. Could just be that they've sold as much merchandise as they possibly could and they can just add little to other gift shops.

2015 flashback... on the Intimidator name going away then, and needing new paint then!

some famous quotes from that 2015 section of the forum:
njf wrote:Carowinds having a sale on Intimidator merchandise.

Does this mean anything?

Capler wrote:
coasterbruh wrote:#ByeByeIntimidator

Yeah, that is what it looks like. I hate when coasters change names. I still call Afterburn, Top Gun. Southern Star will always be Frenzoid to me.

Sean978 wrote:I'm actually hoping they repaint the track. It's about due for some paint, it looks more like pink now, and with the re-theming I'd love to see a more original color scheme. Although I we're getting "Carolina Harbor next year I'm not going to hold my breath.
Cameron wrote:Only thing I'm thinking about at this point is how awesome of a lightning package are we getting lol.

It most likely wouldn’t be anything like you see on HangTime. KCL has a working partnership with Ride Entertainment, who do all the Gerstlauer sales in the US, this is why we’ve seen some pretty neat light packages on HangTime, Adrenaline Peak, and Monster. They may certainly work with other manufacturers in the future such as Mack or Intamin due to the similar track design. Last time I asked them on Reddit they said they had no plans for any coaster in the Southeast to receive a light package next season.
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