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Can’t believe it’s announcement day, also can’t believe we’re getting another coaster. Seems like yesterday I was constantly checking Carowinds Connection on Fury’s announcement day.

It’s been a blast speculating with you guys. Here’s to many rides on Copperhead and many more coasters in the 20s!
I knew last year when they closed Whitewater Falls that they were probably planning another big attraction for that area in the coming years. Was hoping for another coaster and now the big announcement day is here. Soon we shall know the official plans, although we somewhat have an idea. But I am curious about the "biggest announcement" hype and what else that may turn out to be. Guess we shall find out soon.
Today is the big day! Life has kind of gotten in the way of being able to post on here full time like I used to but it was still a lot of fun to follow this thread. From spending an insane amount of time looking over blueprints to make a video, to trying (and failing) to comprehend the insane teasers that they had (Teasers in other parks? What?!), and then being used as a primary source for discussions in this very thread :lol: (Thank you guys!)
Looking forward to riding this thing in the Spring! And can't wait to see this come together.

On topic: I stand by my YouTube video as my prediction with one minor change, the very last corkscrew looks to actually be an uphill S-twist into a Stengel dive like turn. That and the elements after the first launch are much smaller than I made them in order to be launched at 42mph.
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