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I am very impressed.

1. Firstly, it's not a spinner! Thank GOD! I was slightly worried about it being a spinner, and it's not.
2. The theming looks incredible. I did not expect all of this theming around this coaster. I did expect the stop before the first launch, and being held inside a barn, but wow. This theming is great for Cedar Fair. I really hope the real deal is as good as the animation, because it's really good.
3. I am happy to see Wings have something done with it. That place had pretty decent food, but it was just so depressing inside. It is finally getting the attention it needs.
4. And blue ridge junction themed area! I did not necessarily expect a new area, I just thought it would be part of crossroads or county fair theming. This is great!

A few things I am surprised at:
1. I am surprised they did not announce the return of the flyers (unless I missed it). Although we already know they are coming back, i'm surprised it wasn't announced.
2. I am surprised at the amount of hangtime in the loops and the inverted tophat. Not necessarily a bad thing, just really surprising.

I am so pumped for 2019. Next year can't get here soon enough.
I think the ride looks great! It's probably not going to top Fury, but I think it could definitely be the park's second best ride. I especially love all the theming.

Have we learned the height of the coaster yet? I wouldn't guess much taller than 100 ft., but I don't think it's been announced.
Wood Coaster wrote:
tarheel1231 wrote:If I had to guess based on the teasers we’ve seen, the ride will be a moonshine-running coaster with a barn-themed station, and Granny’s “Secret Recipe” will be for a moonshine called “Copperhead Strike” (though why an 80 yo woman would be making moonshine is beyond me). That missing car from Jukebox diner will be at the entrance similar to the truck in front of Mystic Timbers at Kings Island.

Nailed It..... I think you Right.

I was thinking all along Moonshine (Corn, Barn, Hot-Rods & Recipe) but the Snake thing threw me off..... Never though about the Moonshine name being"Copperhead Strike" as being the name for the Moonshine.

Moonshine theme blends in the 2 beloved coasters Thunder Road & White Lighting.

Old woman making Moonshine..... Ever see "The Beverly Hillbillies"

Give Tarheel1231 some credit..... Nailed it.
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