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By SafetySam
Ready for opening day so we can get a better look at what's going on....but you're right, probably won't see anything thing major until mid summer
By uscbandfan
Have they removed the cover from the extra queue line for Woodstock Express? Or was that removed before now. Looking close, they may have removed the extra queue line completely.

(I haven't seen the need for that expanded queue line in quite a while. Longest line I can remember in years only extended about halfway down the ramp.)
By SafetySam
I was just curiouse about that area where the carousel was because if you look at the overhead shot on Google maps it's exactly in line with where WWF use to be......just wishful thinking!!!!
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By Cavan
Lets keep this going. I think we can accurately guess where this thing will be. Areas that may be used: Whitewater, move bumber cars, Thunder Road station... Dinos?? I would die if it crossed the midway and made art above (or below) dinos. That's best case scenario.
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By BS1983CLT
The new coaster won't cover the WWF, Thunder Road Station area and Dinos...

Dino's will be around for a few more years.

It will be interesting to see what the area looks like on Opening Day.
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By gabed
This is actually one of the things I'm most excited about seeing on my first visit this year. I'm not expecting the area to look too different, the go karts stuck around until June in 2014. Still, I'm curious if anything is different about the area.

As for dinos, I could see it eventually getting absorbed into Crossroads, or even becoming it's own area, but not in 2019.
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By coasterbruh
Chris wrote:
RiDeWaRrIoR wrote:Told you they were not coming back until 2019, glad its finally been confirmed. Gliders & a coaster in 2019!

It looks like they are actually returning this year (Summer, 2018). :clap: ... 2031017317

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By cwgator
Perhaps the outrage of enthusiasts forced them to get on the ball and reopen them It says "Summer" now. Hopefully they'll be up and flying again when I come in June. I've never ridden this one since well I don't get to the park like that. I've only been on the one at Wild Adventures. If it's not ready, then I'll have the ones at CP, KI & Kentucky Kingdom to add (though my understanding is CW's is one of the least among those).
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