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By tinotoot
Hey! Forgive me if this isn't the place to ask this. I've worked for SCarowinds last season and I absolutely loved it, I want to work at the park this year, either rides or in the entertainment department (not as a performer but like, ushering and character attendant). Do you guys recommend it? Do you have some pros and cons? I came from Chick-Fil-A so I'm very used to a strict workplace, and used to being out in the heat for long hours.
By Carowindsman
Working Carowinds is just like any other job it has its ups and downs. I can speak as far as rides. Depending on what you work you are on your feet all day. You deal with a lot of people that have issues with height requirements (saying they rode it last year but cant ride it this year etc. etc.) So if you dont have a real thick skin you will need to get it. It can get very hot where ever you work at (Drink plenty of fluids) When I worked it they decide where to place you, you do not get to pick. They prefer experienced people on the bigger rides and all. You definitely meet a lot of people and can get lifelong friendships. The hours can sometime be pretty rough. I remember coming in at 8:30 and leaving around 1:30 am on Scarowinds nights. I was a team leader at the time also. They do move you around different rides if there is scheduling problems. Overall rides is the bread and butter of the park this is what the public comes for. Anyways I enjoyed working it and would love to go back.
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By tinotoot
I'd only be working the summer, since I'm a college student a couple hours away. I'm used to long hours on the feet. I think I could handle it. Working fast food has made me develop a thick skin. How do you deal with the rude "my son was tall enough last year!" customers anyways? :)
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By Top Gun68
I've worked there for 2 seasons, so I can provide some insight.

+ The pay is competitive to other summer jobs
+ Teaches you valuable work skills such as team work, customer service, etc.
+ There are great perks for the employees such as ERT, employee field trips, etc.
+ Easy to move up to management/supervisor positions if you perform well.

-The public can be very difficult to work with, but for the most part they will teach you how to deal with difficult customers.
-Standing and being in the heat for extended periods of time
-The work itself can become repetitive/annoying

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