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My family & I (husband/2 sons) will be making a trip down to Carowinds (March 30-April 2) & KD (April 3-6). We are platinum pass holders from Cedar Point & this will be our first real trips to these parks (went to Carowinds 1 night for Winterfest when we brought our trailer down to NC to store for the winter). Any advice on rides to hit first, stay away from, etc. Also, is there early ride time & if so how early? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
When you go to Carowinds you should ride Nighthawk and Intimidator first as they get the longest lines. You don't need to worry about Fury's lines during the day because it usually has 5-25 min lines based on the day you go, Afterburn has short lines also. You also want to hit county fair early also, it can get some large crowds in the afternoon. Stay away from Camp Snoopy in the afternoon as it get busy as well. There also is ERT 30 mins before the park opens.
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By Chris
Intimidator can wait. Do Nighthawk first. Everything else is as you please. We can't stress this enough! Do Nighthawk first thing, as the park opens. Not even 30 minutes after the park opens. First thing. :wink:
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By gabed
Kings Dominion is almost always dead. The longest I’ve ever waited in line there was half an hour for Volcano, and that was more due to technical problems than anything. That said, you can do whatever whenever while you are there.

As for Carowinds the same mostly applies as long as you go on a weekday. In addition to what Chris said, if you want to hit all the coasters then you MUST ride Nighthawk as soon as the park opens.

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