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By Carowindsman
Just a simple post. What's the one ride you would remove from the park.

Nighthawk. It had it's excitement but it just doesn't fit with the park. Plus it's rough .

Just one ride is all you get to remove. Give a reason why
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By dirkdiggler1992
Vortex: We are going to have 14 coasters again next year, Vortex is completely worthless at this point and hurts the parks lineup. Put in a giant discovery/frisbee or something. However a Floortex is almost a given.


Kitty Hawk: These kids need something better, I’ve always wondered if the screaming is just from the head banging. A new Vekoma invert or family spinner would work.
By RollerBee
Carolina Cyclone, past its time.
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By RiDeWaRrIoR
Nighthawk because it takes to long to load, it was a prototype, breaks 90% of the time and its rough.
YOYO needs to be removed asap. (That's my choice) it is pointless and it's not attractive. It doesn't even operate with the tilt anymore. Besides, a smaller more common flat ride can take its place to add more diversity to the flat ride lineup. Nighthawk is still popular, and it's on the fast lane plus program. It's just not appealing to many enthusiast. I can't see Nighthawk being removed yet even if we wished on it.
tarheel1231 wrote:
RRRAPIDS wrote:It's just not appealing to many enthusiast.

This is the last reason the park would remove any ride.
That is exactly right.
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By pproteinc
I say Yo-yo must go and add in a Skyhawk ride like Canada's Wonderland with just a different name and theme to the area. That ride would be epic especially on a good breezy day or add a tilt-a-whirl or something . Nighthawk is going nowhere. It look great where it's at and still a GP favorite no matter how you enthusiasts feel.
By uscbandfan
I like scrambler. Keep Nighthawk only if capacity can be improved. Keep Hurler only if converted and a new woodie can be built.

Vortex. (and in my mind, Nighthawk along with it.) but Vortex either way... evidently not that its going anywhere. <sigh>
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By A-z coasters
I would say Plants vs Zombies, nobody ever gets a line anymore (or at least it feels like it), feels out of place with the rest of the park, the gun system sucks, and the teams are always unbalanced. It feels more like a 10 year old ride instead of a 2 year old one.

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