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Wish they'd bring back "the surfer" from carowinds early years. but only if they'd operate them the way they do in Asia
have you seen the hilarious videos of this ride, mostly in Asia? Talk about a lawsuit waiting to happen. ROFL funny:
It's called a Tagada ride overseas, and tons of youtube videos of people falling. i doubt Carowinds was run this way, but the operators obviously are having fun making people fall down
Lit wrote:They need to bring back the Woodstock Gliders ASAP. I went to Cedar Point a couple weeks ago, rode the Lake Erie Eagles 14 times.

Lack of flyers was the reason we chose to not do Carowinds this season. Went to kd to ride volcano before it had all the problems requiring its extended closure, and LOVED the new RMC version of Hurler. Its the funnest coaster at KD now.

I LOVE fury and intimidator at carowinds and always get tunnel vision on i305 (we ride but dont domlaps on it because its so intense), so no gliders tipped the scale to kd. Kd gliders SUUUUUUUUCK btw.
The park has been devastated in so many ways by former ownership (and also slightly by Cedar Fair) its impossible to name just one.

But the top of the list would be Thunder Road with the car fronts on the trains.

(the other possibilities were the C & C Railroad, Antebellum theming, Monorail, Speedway, Frontier Outpost, Cable Skyway, Pirate Island, White Lightnin', Black Widow, Flying Dutchman, Hillbilly Jalopies, original Harmony Hall with animated bear show, original Country Fair, Wild Bull, Carolina Queen, Powder Keg Flume, Queens Colony, Hanna-Barbera Land, the longer layout of Short Line Railroad. And the water, all of the beautiful water. And Cap'n Buddy!). That's not everything removed, but that's some of the best things about the park removed that have ruined it.

I think the flying scooters will be coming back. Although that set really belongs at Kings Island as it was one of the original rides that came from Coney Island to Kings Island when it opened.
There’s so many things to bring back that would make the park look really good but the one thing that seems the most reasonable is hillbilly jalopies. They could restore the theming and could place it possibly in carousel park in the plot of vortex when they remove it. If they do put it in the vortex plot they shoul leave some space behind it for some future expansions with a new coaster after the removal of nighthawk. With kings island bringing back antique cars in 2019, this is a major possibility in the future.

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