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By coasterbruh
. . . It's free.
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By Hiveminded
I have to agree with some of the other posters, Saturday night was pretty meh as far as Scarowinds goes. The only maze we got to do was Silver Scream and there were only about 4 people working in it.

One thing I have to comment on is the absolutely extremely ridiculous people crush on the corner in front of Starbucks when a show is going on. It was a complete (literal) standstill, people were shoving hardcore to try and get through, overall an incredibly uncomfortable experience. They need to get rid of the plants in that corner and move the sidewalk right up to the side of the building, and move the pillar holding the lights up somewhere else. Because the way it’s set up now isn’t going to work as crowds grow later in the season.
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By tinotoot
coasterbruh wrote:. . . It's free.

I mean...not for everyone, but I could definitely understand non-passholders complaining if it's their only chance to go this season (like in my case, I only get to go once because I live too far from Carowinds to get a pass), but if you're a passholder and can go as many times as you want, for "free", give it a few more tries! Every night is different, in my experience of being a longtime scarowinds guest and even a monster for a season. I'm sad to hear the season is off to a rough start, but I think it should get better...
also...what happened on Saturday??
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By Crave
coasterbruh wrote:So even with Carowinds offering up a surprise, pop up "purge" scarezone saturday night you guys still didn't like it?!?!?!

Many of the scare zones were not all that noticeable, IMO, likely due to spread out theming/actors and the overwhelming number of guests. I liked the placement and concentration of theming for Fleet Street. Overall, it was enjoyable. I look forward to going back in October with kids. Going back this weekend for Pumpkin Fest.
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By pproteinc
Thrill Capture wrote:I haven't experienced Carnevil this year, but back in 2016 when it was in Old County Fair(Crossroads) before New County Fair I thought it was the best area that season. I think it does a much better job in that area than New County Fair itself imho

Well in 2016 it had a reason to be back there. It was County Fair and then there was a clown themed maze as well. It's just dumb to me. You got a bunch of killer clowns everywhere in a carnival setting and oh lets walk through this random barn and corn maze. lol . Then again as I stated, I wouldn't put it exactly in county fair to keep the area open for rides but I would place it outside of it closely confined somewhere between Zephyr and Windseeker. I still say bring back Last Laff and amp up the scare factor.

I agree the scare factor is conducive for pre teens and not older teens or adults. Let the kids and pre teens enjoy The Great Pumpkin Fest and let the older teens get the hell scared out of them. Early Scarowinds was far more entertaining than now. You would think it would've be even more scary and gruesome as time goes on but it's doing the opposite. Leave the family friendly for daytime and bring hell on earth at night.

I know they placed Pirates in the new county fair to utilize the outdoor eating area for the Tavern, at least that's what I was told, but they could've definitely used the outdoor eating area on the side of Chickies and Pete's that nobody uses and added extra tables there and the bar stand. Just my opinion tho.
By jeffdavis
Did Silver Scream get a revamp this year as expected? Does anybody have any feedback on that? I guess it's not very good?
By uscbandfan
I'm not saying they're good or bad but remember that, the more times you go through the same maze (or anything else in life), the less the scare, intimidating, wow (or whatever other factor) tends to be. Quite simply... you get used to it. That goes for roller coasters and other things as well.

Of course, the mazes being referred to may just be bad or not scary.
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By tinotoot
I was honestly expecting Dead Man's Landing to be in the boardwalk area near Ricochet, that would have been much more fitting than County Fair! Also, is there any event-specific food at SCarowinds? I'm not old enough to drink so, beer doesn't count.
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By carolinaman
tinotoot wrote:I was honestly expecting Dead Man's Landing to be in the boardwalk area near Ricochet, that would have been much more fitting than County Fair! Also, is there any event-specific food at SCarowinds? I'm not old enough to drink so, beer doesn't count.

There is the Haunted Chicken Finger sub in Harmony Hall. It's chicken fingers and Mozzarella cheese sticks covered in marinara sauce on a sub roll.
By Stayseeliz
RollerBee wrote:
coasterbruh wrote:Well, you get what you pay for and essentially SCarowinds is free. You guys can't really expect brand new maze every year and NOT pay a higher gate price. Hell, NOT pay a gate price at all.

Nothing is free, it is included with a season pass. However if Carowinds wants to raise the quality of the event and prices to match, I will be glad to pay for it.

I agree that it’s not free. I buy the passes for the regular season, scarowinds and Winterfest. I’m also driving two hours round trip to go. Make it fun. It’s Jus so lackluster. 2016 was great. The last two years have been bleh. Put more characters in mazes. Hire some big, intimidating dudes to scare people. They had a huge guy a few years ago. He was awesome. The little teeny girls they had blood hard aren’t scary. Just make an effort, scarowinds. It’s not hard. I agree with someone else saying it’s teeny bopper level now.
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By cwgator
If it's included with a season/platinum pass? Yes, it's free to you. Getting to the park or whatever you do to get there has nothing to do with the fact that you just walk right on in with free parking vs. needing to buy a ticket because you don't have a season/platinum pass. If you go during the day too as a non passholder you pay twice.

I'm also an annual passholder for Busch Gardens Tampa (& SWO) . Howl O Scream is a separate ticketed event for everyone for a reason (only FL Platinum gets the first weekend free admission free as a preview). It helps pay for the experience you're getting. I'm pretty sure most people would agree that Howl-O-Scream is higher caliber than SCarowinds and several other CF parks. It's that way because everyone pays. Same with Universal and Disney.
By RollerBee
It is not free....
SCarowinds and Winterfest are paid for. Carowinds calls it a “benefit”, same as parking.

If I walk into a store and they hand me an item without purchase, that is free.

If I have to make a purchase to get the “free” item then said item isn’t truly free. The cost is absorbed into the item that I purchased therefore reducing the value of the item.

How often does a store hand you something without purchase?

Another example would be how Holiday World used to have “free soda”, you still had to paid to enter the park or purchase a season pass; that is when you paid for “free soda”. Very few places are going hand all their customers something without any purchase.
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By coasterbruh
It's free . . .
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By RiDeWaRrIoR
jeffdavis wrote:Did Silver Scream get a revamp this year as expected? Does anybody have any feedback on that? I guess it's not very good?

You get to carry a tiny little flashlight..... They added some props from the old Fury maze, that I don't remember being in there before... other than that it didn't seem that different. It was not that good in my opinion, hopefully it will get better...

Just found this blog about the fall foods. They have a few extra things in addition to the Haunt Finger Sandwhich.
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By IntimidationNation
I've been going to scarowinds since 09 and I remembered the mazes actually had intense moments, especially asylum. I messaged carowinds on Facebook a couple years ago (I don't know who runs their Facebook page but this is what they said) about how it wasn't intense anymore and they told me they were moving towards a more family friendly environment. I also asked about the beloved chainsaws they use to have and all they could say was " chainsaw are for lumberjacks, not scary monsters" and from then on all I can think about is, what if I'm terrified of flannel and lumberjacks? #MakeScarowindsGreatAgain lol
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