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By Ty-Rant_13
Hey everyone! It's been a while since I last logged in (like, three years ago), as I've been busy with school and then working two-three jobs at once. But finally it seems like I'm going to get down to Carowinds for the first time, on July 23 of this year!

We're just passing through Charlotte and I convinced my road trip buddies to drop me off while they get lunch at Cracker Barrel (or something). I'll have about an hour or two to get on rides, so of course I'm hitting up Fury 325! (Yes, I'm going to check out the construction site as well.)

1) Will an hour be enough time to get through the line for Fury on a Monday in late July, around mid-afternoon?
2) Will I have enough time to get on anything else? (Afterburn is my second choice for coaster, but I would love to be reunited with The Great Whale of China from Canada's Wonderland, now known as Peanuts Pirates.)
3) Where's the best place for them to drop me off/pick me up?
4) Where can I get the best views of the construction site? (I may bring my camera to film a video for my YouTube channel.)
5) Anything else I should keep in mind/consider?

Thanks in advance!
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By mdsmith98
Hey there!

1. Yes, an hour should be plenty of time. Unless their operations are just terrible that day, but I don't see that happening since the Fury crew is spectacular 9 times out of 10.
2. Yes, you should have left over time after fury. In the time you have, you can probably knock out the top three without a problem (Fury, Afterburn, Intimidator).
3. The drop off lot they constructed back in 2015 (I think) isn't being used for whatever reason. So you will get on the Carowinds toll plaza road (Avenue of the Carolinas, the road when entering carowinds), and you will want to stay in the far right lane which will take you to drop off/bus parking. They can drop you off and pick you up there (assuming they are not visiting the park with you that day).
4. You can get good views from the Skytower, Barrracuda Blasters in Carolina Harbor, the area near dodgems, and there are plenty of peep holes you can go to. I have also seen others say they bring selfie sticks and raise their phone/camera over the fence to get good views.
5. Not much else to keep in mind. Have fun!
By uscbandfan
Agreed. If you have an hour, you can get half-a-dozen rides on Fury, if not more, on a Monday.

I've found that on Mondays you probably wont wait more that 5-10 minutes for any adult ride unless it's named Rip-Roarin-Rapids, Ricochet or Nighthawk.
By JEdMc91
What about tomorrow (Thursday)?
Are all week days good days? I know it is hard to answer this question as every day is different, but I am hoping the lines won't be as bad tomorrow.
By uscbandfan
Is why I try to only go Monday through Thursdays. Crowds are usually very light on the dry rides... especially in the heat of the day.
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By mdsmith98
JEdMc91 wrote:What about tomorrow (Thursday)?
Are all week days good days? I know it is hard to answer this question as every day is different, but I am hoping the lines won't be as bad tomorrow.

Lines will be very manageable tomorrow. Typically mondays and Tuesday’s are dead, it starts to get slightly busier starting Thursday’s, but even then it’s not bad. You might as well forget about fridays and Saturday’s for the most part, lol.
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By Ty-Rant_13
Thanks for all the responses everyone! I ended up going to the park on our way back from Florida rather than the way down, and convinced my road trip buddy to stay in Charlotte overnight so we could head back into the park the next morning.

You can check my trip report/park review here.

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