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dabrian wrote:Are they doing the free the rest of the year promo at Cedar Point as well? I would probably make a trip up that way if so.

Nope. Just one 2018 visit at Cedar Point if you purchase through Cedar Point.

Atombomb wrote:If I buy a 2019 platinum pass, does that include unlimited visits to all cedar fair parks for the remainder of 2018? Or just carowinds?

Just Carowinds.
I went on Saturday and this is what they made me do to get the free bring a friend:

-cancel my auto renew.
-click on the sale link online.
-renew season passes.
-then go to customer service desk.

They said in order to get those freebies your account had to be charged the deposit fee first and the auto renew deposit fee date is in September. Boo.

They should give more perks to auto renew than just renewing, in my opinion.

Then my favorite ride was down all day. The knighthawk. But still had a blast and so did my guests. They even decided to get season passes for their whole family by the end of the day.
Chris wrote:
carolinaman wrote:I renewed my passes, and I see everything on there except the Bring a Friend pass.

I didn't see it on mine, either. I assume we're good to go, though.

I found our answer on the Carowinds Site

" Your benefits will be added to your pass and can be redeemed at the park by presenting your valid 2019 Season Pass. To receive your Bring-a-Friend, visit any ticket booth and your Fast Lane Plus can be redeemed at any location that sells Fast Lane. Bring-a-Friend and Fast Lane are valid only on the day redeemed."
phareous wrote:So it says: "Renew by October 28 and recieve one FREE Fast Lane Plus and one FREE Bring-A-Friend ticket."

Is the fast lane plus good for 2019? It would be kindof useless to buy it on October 28 if it isn't

Both perks are only good this fall.

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