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By Carowindsman
Since the announcement comes tomorrow

What has been your most exciting announcement for Carowinds?

Mine was Intimidator it was that first real big purchase that Cedar Fair did for our park. We had finally got our hyper coaster that we long rumored we would get. I remember the rumors posts we had on this page that Paramount was going to give a hyper coaster that went under the bridge at the entrance. We didnt get that but we got Fury that finally went under a bridge.
By dirkdiggler1992
How about the least? The post-Intimidator span where we got World’s of Fun level additions like Snoopy’s Starlight Spectacular, Dinosaurs Alive, and Windseeker weren’t particularly exciting for anyone outside of kids or families.

I’d also say Intimidator “felt” just as big of a deal as Fury at the time in terms of excitement. It was finally our time to get a 200+ footer. While I still enjoy riding it once per visit it’s amazing how much my preferences have changed in 8 years.

I couldn’t imagine reading the comments from edgy teens if Intimidator 232 and 305 were announced today.
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By aoriole19
Intimidator for me because I had really just gotten into this whole world, and I think regardless of what the 2010 announcement was, I would have been super hyped because I was just so into doing the research and watching the dirt move and seeing what everyone on here had to say about it. I attended my first coaster stock in 2009, and received a promotional DVD for Intimidator when it was announced, so that definitely added to my excitement. Intimidator is still my favorite ride in the park.
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By Jay
I'll say Intimidator. It was our first big addition since the purchase by Cedar Fair. I spearheaded the construction discussion on here, so it felt like I was down there every few weeks taking pictures. I "knew" it was a B&M hyper, but I still had no idea what the layout was going to be until the day it was announced.

With Fury, obviously it was great, because that took us from big regional park, to big national park, but so much about it was leaked before hand. We knew in late 2013 that we were getting a giga because of the agreement with the city. And then the blueprints leaked, and the name leaked, yadda yadda yadda. However, actually getting to go the announcement, with a packed Harmony Hall and tons of Carowinds Connection peeps representing, was AWESOME.
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By ThatCoasterNerd
For myself, I would have to say Fury. The speculation and announcement of Fury was what originally got me researching roller coasters and it’s what introduced me to the coaster community! I’m assuming Project Alpha will take over the spot, though, because this is my first major coaster announcement at my home park as a full-fledged enthusiast, and since I’ve been following this for over a year at this point, the anticipation has been so built up I feel like I’m gonna explode with excitement!

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