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[Hi everyone, y'all really have a great site here! This is my first post. I was sitting in a rocking chair and listening to the music played throughout Blue Ridge Junction last weekend. I was surprised at how much I was getting into the bluegrass covers of old rock songs. I made a Spotify Playlist that has the songs I heard plus some others. It's called "Blue Ridge Junction Music" if anyone is interested in the music.[/quote]

Hi Snowman, I did a search for "Blue Ridge Junction Music" on spotify and got no results. Anyway you can upload to YouTube or SoundCloud?
Upset I never got to experience Tomb Raider in all its glory. Seems like footage is fairly scarce for the ride and practically nonexistent for the queue lines. A lot of people have likened it to that of something you’d find in a Disney or Universal Park.

I’m really curious if Cedar Fair will continue to work with Weber. Given how all out they went on the barn and the queue, I cannot imagine that was a small price tag.
There is no wait today at all! I also experienced a slight rattle in the front car.

One more thing to add on is that i noticed the water bubbling effect connected to the copper still in the launch barn has already stopped working :/

The front is def the way to go in this one. I didn’t realize how much i enjoyed it on passholders night but this thing is so much fun and insanely reridable!
Hiveminded wrote:Looking at the webcam, does Copperhead have its headlights on during the rain? If so that's a nice touch. :lol:

CS always has its headlights on, even when it's not operating (as it was this past Sunday). When we were there Saturday, we noticed one of the trains had only one headlight - that's theming at its best.
So Copperhead is definitely warming up. Every ride I’ve taken has been getting a bit more aggressive I’m loving it. Front and back are my go to sears on this ride. One thing I am noticing is that a few people are coming off complaining about back pain. I too have experienced a jolt of two to my mid to lower back going through the first loop off the launch and the corkscrew. I should know better but I was leaning forward which most people do. This ride you have to sit back so you don’t have that issue.
Has anyone noticed the extreme wobbling and ossilation in the support columns for the inverted top hat and 2nd loop? It leaves a sound too when the columns wobble up against the fence. The cross bracing columns wobble the most and their only job is a force member (like a truss). I believe the reason this is happening is because those cross bracing columns are not one continuous column, they are two separate bolted together; and it has to do with the slenderness of the columns. The columns are very skinny and the base they are attached to on the track has a small surface area (bearing capacity) . A little moment is needed, just like a bridge, but this is a LOT of movement. This might impact the quality of the ride in the future.
Yea they do move a ton, I noticed this opening weekend. That column all on its own at the second loop especially. I’m just going to keep my trust in the engineers at Mack rides. They make the big bucks for a reason. They are the engineers, I’m not.
Just a thought - how would that work with an amusement/theme park roller coaster? A park hires a manufacturer to design and install the ride in their park.......What kind of warranty does Cedar Fair get like if something went majorly wrong with a ride?

Mack has a great track record so I doubt it will be an issue. Do the Mack engineers stay until all kinks are worked out?
Wife and son were stuck on CS this evening for about 20 minutes. They were coming into the station and the train stopped with about 1 car left to get into the station. Some waiting, then they backed them up and tried again with no luck. Ended up manually opening the harnesses to get them off, as well as the train behind them.
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