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Been waiting so long for a new update, seeing this AND a new DLC nearly made me pee myself
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Rode Copperhead for the first time today. Middle row and then back row. Back row definitely has some good whip to it...

PROS: Ejector air on this thing is intense and awesome. JuJu roll caused me to flex my legs back first time :). The beams that feel like they are going to hit your arms we’re great. I think the last ejector as you think the ride is ending is my favorite moment (really the whole ending after the top hat is incredible).

- Sound for barn scene is terrible and almost useless. A loud BANG or something would be better then dialogue you can’t understand.
- Pictures were down - I really wanted my “first ride picture” but the machine was broken they said. :/

Overall I loved the coaster. I think it is perfect for Carowinds. Fills a need/type that we didn’t have. Theming and everything else take it over the top in a great way.

*edit* *Night rides are amazing!!
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Rabidfrog wrote:- Pictures were down - I really wanted my “first ride picture” but the machine was broken they said. :/

The "machine" must have been the whole system. There weren't any FunPix locations open today, not even the photographers as you enter the park.
Rabidfrog wrote: I think the last ejector as you think the ride is ending is my favorite moment (really the whole ending after the top hat is incredible).

Am I alone in thinking that feels like skiing? A good, fast run though some bumps?

We rode for the first time this morning, a fantastic 3 hours to be at the park. Rode 7 times, walked on every time. After he almost chickened out at the gate for the first ride, CS immediately became my nephew's favorite coaster. I wasnt a big fan of hanging upside down by my thighs - not sure why, it just wasnt my cup of tea - but it wasnt enough to take away from my enjoyment either, and even that aspect grew on me a bit with every ride.
Carowindsman wrote:So what's the final consensus with Copperhead? Hit or Miss? I have seen multiple positive reviews but have seen negative reviews also.

I’ve been browsing Instagram and Twitter since the ride open and a lot of people seem to be enjoying the ride. Hangtime and theming are the two major positives I see pop up the most. I think the negative complaints are from those who may have just had their expectations a tad too high whether it’s cause they hadn’t ridden a Mack coaster prior to Copperhead, the launches weren’t as intense as they wanted (this is a Mack thing, not limited to Copperhead), etc.

I’ve read from some people who’ve ridden Time Traveler and/or Icon say that they prefer Copperhead or enjoyed it just as much so I think the ride is performing exactly the way it’s deaigned to. Reliability also seemed to improve this past weekend over the weekend before. When it comes to any “rattle” you may feel or hear, read up on other Mack coaster reviews, it’s nothing new.

Personally I really like the ride and I’m glad to have it at Carowinds. It’s a good fit following a 95 mph coaster and fills an intensity gap for those who won’t do anything tall like the hypers or a whippy/positive G ride like Afterburn. If the most hardcore of adrenaline junkies want to slap family coaster name on it let them, doesn’t take away that it’s a fun and marathonable ride that many people are enjoying.
Carowindsman wrote:Hit or Miss?

I guess they never miss, huhhhh?

Dead memes aside, Copperhead Strike is an absolute hit. It fills gaps that the park has had for years, and surprised me by filling gaps I didn’t even know I wanted filled.

Launch Coaster? Check. Carowinds hasn’t had one for over thirty years. I’d argue that this was more urgent than getting another major wooden coaster at the park.

Coaster with generational appeal? Check, but kind of iffy. Having ridden it several times, I can tell that this is a coaster that everyone in your family could have fun on, but from an off-ride standpoint and from the perspective of a non-enthusiast, the Jojo roll and the hangtime could be intimidating to some newcomers. However, I’m confident that someone could enjoy this as their first coaster. IMO, that was a gap that was left by Thunder Road’s closure and has only been somewhat fulfilled by Hurler (though Hurler might be be less intimidating as it has no inversions).

Extremely well-themed coaster? Check, check, a million times over, check. This is what makes Copperhead Strike the best attraction built by the park, period. The Weber Group did an amazing job, from the building Granny’s house and the outhouses in the queue, to smartly re-utilizing sheds from past attractions in that area (most notably, the tool sheds). The cars and tractors are a really nice touch, the scarecrow is pretty neat, and all the crates with nods to other parks (Calico Coal) are pretty cool. Right now, they’re currently in the process of planting crops.

But the barn. I could write an entire page about how much I love the barn. But for the sake of brevity, I’ll just list the highlights:

    -I loved that they used a screen behind a window to show Granny and the boys. It may not be an animatronic, but it’s a hell of a nice touch and the fact that it’s on a screen ensures that we’ll get to enjoy it for years to come.

    -I love the chickens on the right. They’re static, but a quick gust of air into the pens does the trick, blowing the feathers up to make it appear as if the chickens are startled.

    -All the moonshine machinery just looks really nice and authentic, and I love the lighting effects used to simulate the moonshine boiling. I would love if they busted one of the pipes open and sprayed out mist, but as it is now, it’s still extremely well done.

Blue Ridge Junction as an area is amazing too. Even with the roller coasters roaring in the background, when I’m in that section of the park, I don’t feel like I’m at Carowinds. The park has scored four home runs with Carolina Harbor, County Fair, Camp Snoopy, and now this. I still haven’t eaten at Blue Ridge Country Kitchen yet, but from the pictures I’ve seen, the decor looks really nice. The gliders are a nice touch and bring a nice family ride to this section of the park. It’s all the little things, really. I applaud Cedar Fair for going in this direction, and I can’t wait to see what the park looks like fully-transformed in the next ten years.

So TL:DR; Copperhead Strike is an unquestionable hit, and it will continue to be a hit for years to come.
tarheel1231 wrote:However, I’m confident that someone could enjoy this as their first coaster.

Son rode it as his first coaster with an inversion. Still his favorite ride in the park.

For me, it's a hit. I feel the pacing for the ride is wonderful. The speed is perfect for what they were trying to accomplish. The themeing is top-notch.

I never skip a chance to ride it. I haven't yet waited any further than the outhouses, so haven't had a chance to really soak in all the different items in the queue. I'd like to spend some time being able to enjoy them, but I tend to decide to ride when the line looks short.
I finally got to ride CHS on Saturday. I got three rides in on the front, back and middle respectively.

Here's what happened with my expectations. When Carowinds first announced the ride, I was absolutely stoked. I knew that CHS was going to be one of the most 'well-rounded' coasters in the parks lineup, but when media day hit and I started reading many reviews of people comparing the first launch to the Backlot launch (which I've ridden countless times) and then saying that you couldn't even tell that you were accelerating in the second launch. (Please don't think I'm generalizing everyone’s review, because there were just as many that didn't say this.)

Anyway, reading many of those reviews subconsciously lowered my expectations, honestly without me even realizing it; but my expectations were absolutely blown out of the water.

I'm a taller dude with very broad shoulders and from the time I sat down in the seat I was amazed by how comfortable and accommodating the seats were. I saw someone else say it and by far they are even more comfortable than a B&M Hyper/Giga with a clamshell.

The hangtime in the jojo roll, had I not been an enthusiast for over a decade, knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that an inverting coaster without OSTR's is safe, would've absolutely scarred me for life. The theming in the barn is great and undoubtedly feels like something on the caliber of Dollywood.

The launch is so much fun! My friend and I were talking about it and it's, in many ways better than the Flight of Fear launch. Let me explain. Flight of Fear’s launch is sudden but as you travel down the track, there is a very noticeable few moments before heading up the first inversion where the launch track ends and you abruptly stop accelerating. It’s always bothered me but CHS doesn’t have this issue at all. The launch is gradual but there isn’t a break between the end of the launch track and the loop and I appreciate that tremendously. The launch, loop, airtime hill, corkscrew back to back to back are very disorienting. My friend asked me what I thought about the airtime hill after the first time we rode and I honestly didn’t really even notice it because so much happens so quickly there and I love that!

The bump before the second launch provided me so much more airtime than I had anticipated. Almost (let me stress ALMOST) the ejector-quality that Twisted Timbers has. I did also enjoy the floater air on the second launch.

The back half of the ride is such an amazing entanglement of track. Highlights for me include the literal upside down straight piece of track on the tophat, whipping out of that overbank, the positive G’s pulling out of the second loop, the Stengel dive airtime and the beautiful mess of transitions after the Stengel dive that result in an ultra mini-I 305 comparison for me. Lastly, the second to last airtime hill before going into the break run provides a very strong pop of air as well.

Like I said, I think CHS is by far the most well rounded coaster in the Carowinds line-up. My friend and I talked for quite some time about how we see the future of coasters as being better-rounded like CHS versus the old-school ‘gimmick’ coasters like Intimidator, where floater air is the whole ride, stand up coasters, dive coasters, flying coasters, etc… Mack and RMC are on the right track in my opinion in crafting rides where you get a ‘full experience.’ This will be especially helpful to smaller parks that can only afford/accommodate a small collection of rides.

So yes in the end CHS is an extreme hit in my book. It takes care of a gap that’s been needed to be filled since before I ever started coming to the park in the mid 90's. I’m so stoked to go back and get more rides on this thing!
Rode it at night (9:30ish) in the front last night. That is a completely different ride. I thoroughly enjoyed riding it during the day and my kids and wife love it!! BUT at night in the front... the intensity level is insane in the back half because the lighting is so so low it really accentuates the twisting and turning. AWESOME STUFF - Well done Carowinds!
Hi all, I'm not asking to spoil anything for anyone, but I'm deaf in my left ear and I can't after many rides understand anything Granny is saying in the barn. Or what the male voice says at the end of the ride. Any translation would be muchly appreciated. Thanks.
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