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JWitter wrote:They mentioned over 7 acres of newly themed areas. Anyone know if the new construction site covers 7 acres? Or could this possibly include updating the crossroads area?

Hey, looks like the construction area and crossroads = roughly 7 acres (according to google maps)
As to the pathways, the animation showed NO PATH under the out-of-station roll.

Looking at the animation, there is a path down the left side of the first launch out of the barn (which is behind Dodgems). Then the path looks to turn to the right under the first loop to cross under the coaster beside the second loop. The queue looks to be under the top-hat.

Also, it DOES seem to have a path behind the Boo Blasters wrapping the path to the left of the first launch around to the top-hat area.

Of course, that's all animation. Reality could be different.
Ride looks awesome, it'll compliment Fury perfectly.

I'm curious to how this ride is going to be 2:24 when the POV is only 1:45. Could it possibly have a longer hold w/ a pre-launch sequence in the barn, but for announcement purposes, they may have shortened it?
Some insight on how the pathway is suppose to look like.

Def loving the little farm next to the que. I’m guess the path at the top of the picture is the water park entry path?

This is rose looks like it should be at Dollywood. lol I love it.

Credit: Coaster Studios
They mention 7 acres being developed as Blue Ridge Junction on the carowinds web site.

I can't get to 7 acres with the new construction site. I can barely get to 6 (which is shown in red), and that's being extremely generous with adding in area with redone restaurant and almost back to the warehouse/parking lot. What all do you think they are calling Blue Ridge Junction?
jeffdavis wrote:
4) What's the expected temperature tolerance of this type of ride? Winterfest 2019 is a long way away but I'm wondering if this ride could be open for that.

Virtually zero chance of it being installed, tested, and online in under 3 months, let alone having the surrounding infrastructure in place. They'll be finishing the final touches right up til opening day next spring.
fonzlinney wrote:Could someone please share the link for the construction site WebCam

Its not working but this one or

The track at Mack plant! Photos courtesy of Carowinds!



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