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Nope, I feel it has it's own identity. It provides a lot of thrills and elements in such a confined space. With nearly 20 crossovers, the adrenaline never stops thanks to it's innovative second "launch".

So yeah, Copperhead Strike (to me) is a combination of ingenuity and cutting edge thrills and not the afterthought of any other coasters.
coasterbruh wrote:The station is a block.
From the inline roll to the end of the launch is a block.
The first loop to the beginning of the initial brakes is a block
The initial brake run is a block.
The transfer track is a block.

Five blocks, four e-stops.

Almost. Remember that a train MUST be able to be stopped in a block and 2 trains can't exist in the same block. You can't say that "from the loop to the beginning of the brakes is a block" because if a train was stopped on the brakes, you'd have no way of stopping the train on the course before collision. So, the initial brake run has to be part of the block that includes the course from the loop forward. Now, there could be TWO brake zones before the transfer track that would allow for your scenario to be true.
I don't know if it is manually movable or if they can move it programmatically but I hope they move the Copperhead Strike camera up SLIGHTLY so we'll be able to see the installation of all of the track once it goes vertical behind the loop.
I don't think that will be necessary, the top hat isn't much higher than the loops...

Also, have they already put up the entirety of track they have on site and are just waiting for the next shipment? No track has gone up for like a week.
No there is still track on site.


They are waiting on the rest of the vertical loop to arrive. They did get quite a bit of supports up so once whatever track they are waiting for comes, they should get it up pretty fast. I would assume once the loop is done and the curve through it and going down after it, and maybe even the hill, they will move over to the top hat.
Haha I am trying to make one to, again, but its probably more off than that :lol: I think I am trying to draw out my elements to much rather than make them tight like the real thing, oh well. Back to the drawing board for me...
tarheel1231 wrote:So I decided to do a comparison of my recreation with the actual blueprint, and uh... yikes:


It was listed as 300 feet longer than the actual ride from the stats on Planet Coaster, but I didn't think the change would be this drastic.

With a top speed of 50 mph, we’ll want it to be as tight and compact as possible to have good pacing and the illusion of a faster speed than actual. Rail blazer isn’t a good comparison but look at how it flows with a 52 mph top speed and small footprint.
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