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Right now I'm pretty concerned about what I'm seeing with this hurricane. It's already a category 4 and is days away from landfall in North Carolina. This could give it enough time to make it a category 5. On top of that, this storm is supposedly going to be a very slow moving storm, potentially dumping 20 inches of rain on NC.

I know that North Carolina is no stranger to hurricanes and that Carowinds has survived through Hugo in 1989, Fran in 1996, and Floyd in 1999. However from what I'm hearing, Florence is supposedly going to be "the big one" for the Carolinas.

I know that places like Disney, SeaWorld, and Busch Gardens in Florida have withstood devastating storms like Charley, Frances, Jeanne, and Irma, but then I keep thinking about Six Flags New Orleans and how Hurricane Katrina killed it, and that was only a Category 3 storm.

Anyways, what are you're guys' thoughts?
Remember, New Orleans is right on the coast and mostly below sea level, not 200 miles inland. And the potential 20 inches of rain is for the hardest hit areas, which will not be anywhere around Charlotte. If it is big enough to affect Carowinds beyond them closing early for the night, it's going to be terrible enough across the whole eastern half of the state that Carowinds will be the least of anyone's concerns.

It'll be a nice thunderstorm, maybe a bit of rain heavy enough you really dont want to drive in it. Gas prices will inevitably spike. That's about it.
UPDATE the forecasted path has moved south drastically, nearly making landfall in SC now. I doubt Carowinds is gonna be open at all this weekend due to the storm gliding right over Charlotte as a Tropical Storm. Doubt any drastic damage will happen though.

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