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By Grobble
sorashaun wrote:
RiDeWaRrIoR wrote:I think it would be much more beneficial to build a new venue, but my guess is, it will never leave. I think if it was going to leave it would have left back when Fury was built, but they built right around it... I guess they use it a lot more than we think. They should put the pumpkin fest back in that area. They did use it for the JDRF walk too, so that was good, even thought it was just the back part they didnt use the stage or seating or anything. Just think if they did a sports complex, they could add in a new paladium and free up even more real estate.

Considering plans for the sports complex already leaked and the Paladium was untouched, I think it’s safe to say nothing is going to cause it’s removal.

Sports Complex not really a leak. The approved 30 page Hotel plan documents have an area labeled Sports Complex Building.

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