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dirkdiggler1992 wrote:
sorashaun wrote:If the Cobra was leaving it would have during the County Fair redo. Hurler is obviously next to go given it’s lack of popularity, recent conversion at another park, and undeveloped land behind it.

Probably the most craziest thing I’ve read on here in a while. Hurler has fourth highest ridership in the park. Since when do we copy everything Kings Dominion does? Not to mention CF’s RMC downtime this year probably isn’t gonna have them rushing to work with the company as quick as “RMC at every CF park” fan wants to believe. Also hard seeing the park expand outside of its current footprint anytime soon.

Hurler 4th most ridership is just a reflection of how poor the other coasters in the park are after Fury(1.5M ridership), Intimidator(1.34M), and Afterburn(869K). Hurler only did 653K.

RMC downtime greatly over blow by you. Both CF RMC's got great reviews. SV was #3 in GTA and best new ride, TT was ranked #38 and there was some pure garbage ranked ahead of pure nostalgia for rides that are not what they used to be.

CF has a bunch of old coasters at parks that are virtually unrideable or 1 ride a day for a day ticket holder and if your a season pass holder1 ride a year is enough. Wonderland has 2 coasters built in 1981 that are horrible, 1 of the 2 being converted is the likely next coaster for Wonderland after Yukon Striker. CGA Grizzly was built in 1986, has poor ridership and is horrible. CF has 3 great candidates for conversions at parks they have labeled "prioritized investment" parks. I would not at all be surprised if CF bought a Raptor for Valley Fair, they have made positive comments on theirgrowth and that is occurring w/o much investment. Raptor would be a sub 10M investment. RMC also confirmed they already have a park signed on for the 1st Trex, no date given. But, it would not be surprising for it to be a certain park with a 150th anniversary in 2020.

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