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By phareous
One thing I don't see mentioned is that they still have rapids rides at KD, CW, and KI...all from the early 80's. Wikipedia claims these were all manufactured by Intamin though. If that is true, then I guess Kings Entertainment gave up trying to make their own after Carowinds and just went with Intamin? Anyways, since all these rides have similar ages, technology, and staffing needs, I am wondering if Cedar Fair will be getting rid of those soon too. And yet they doubled down at Knotts... so they've redone one and got rid of one (as far as can be officially confirmed).
By RollerBee
Carowinds built the original rafts because Intamin couldn’t have them ready for 1982. Odds are that Intamin designed the course, Carowinds or a contractor built the course using Intamin’s design
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By coasterbruh
I think your odds are correct. From my understanding, the layout was done but Intamin was slacking with developing the rafts Carowinds wanted so Carowinds basically said screw you, we can do everything ourselves, boats included.
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By carowinds.captured
coasterbruh wrote:
carowinds.captured wrote:You are a such an arrogant ***. People may would post more on here, but all you do is constantly berate other people here. Hope you feel so important sitting behind your keyboard

Because I question you and your 4 year out "confirmation" makes me arrogant :wtf: ? I can give you 159 more reasons for you to label me as such but it's pointless. I don't know how new you are in the "theme park" world but when you make outlandish claims about something with NO concrete anything to back you up, you will get challenged and called out. If you're that thin skinned then maybe the internet isn't the place for you.
However, I will leave you with a quote . . .
carowinds.captured wrote:lol there are so many uptight people here....jeez its just a forum to talk :roll:

:clap: :P :wave: :wink:

jordN1414 wrote:Just ignore her as most of us have done for years.

I'm sorry, who are you again :yawn: ? (and by most you mean all 2 of you lol lol :clap: :wave: 8) )

Coasterphreak wrote:Y'all can theorycraft all you want, RRR isn't coming back.

I like this guy lol.

But anyway. The "theory" of it coming back contradicts what has been said about the reason it left in the first place. Now, I know parks can make haste decisions and do a complete 180 degree turn on decisions but I am confident enough to say unless they do a 100% rebuild of RRR (which I doubt because the park has bigger, ground breaking ideas) then it will not be coming back.
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By cwgator
yawetag wrote:
Capler wrote:Yet, it is a long time to leave a ride idle if they plan to remove it. Maybe they are waiting on the Knotts ride numbers to see if a rehab is even worth the expense. This is the reason our Vortex will never get converted. One could make that argument about a RMC conversion as well.

One could, but I don't think they'd be right. RMC conversion is a HUGE change. You aren't "rehabbing" a ride, you're redesigning it. New colors, new name, new track layout.

I'd argue some GP would see it as a brand new ride, not a conversion at all.

Some would see it as a new ride. However, in some or most cases, the majority think it's still the same ride. I've witnesses this first-hand with people talking about Iron Gwazi (BGT is one of my home parks). They say they won't ride it because it was horrible before. When you try to explain the huge difference, and that's it's going to be a completely different ride, they don't comprehend that.
By sorashaun
Hearing rumors the theater is being demolished and relocated to the other half of the action theater to make more space for whatever is going on with the rapids land.
By RollerBee
Source: Screamscape

I find the park about a “Southern Mansion facade” hard to believe and I have already covered why before. Unless all of AFX structure is used and even then it may have to be enlarged I don’t see any benefit unless they want a smaller theater.
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By tarheel1231
On one hand, Carowinds Theater as location for a coaster station/entrance (assuming that (1) the rumor holds any weight, and (2) assuming it is a coaster, considering the area) makes sense. It’s easily accessible and visible from the midway. On the other hand, as Rollerbee stated, the Action Theater is smaller than Carowinds Theater, so it would need to be expanded and completely overhauled. But I could see it as part of a Crossroads renovation.

Whatever’s coming is still a good 3-5 years away, but at least the rumors should generate some discussion. And at the very least, they don’t suggest that RRR is being renovated which goes against the current consensus.
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By tarheel1231
Christopher Mallis wrote:It’s all up in the air. One day somebody says this and then the other it’s another “rumor”. It’s all crazy.

I think we often get too caught up in whether or not a rumor is true, and not the actual merits of the rumor. By their very nature, they’re not supposed to be taken as gospel, but that doesn’t mean we should just dismiss them. They serve to generate discussion, and I think the rumor from Screamscape is at least an interesting scenario.
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By gabed
Very interesting. The rapids plot would be a great spot for the next coaster, especially if you put the station/entrance where the theater is like Tarheel said. Screamscape's correctness tends to be 50/50 in terms of predicting the future for Carowinds. He claimed Hurler would get RMC'd in 2019 but also reported on Thunder Road's rumored demise before anybody else, so who knows.
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By coasterbruh
I measured both the action theater and the Carolina theater and surprisingly the action theater is larger. Now, mind you, I did not include the two foyer areas on the Carolina theater but I can see them kicking out PvsZ, gutting the entire building and making it one larger theater. Plus it would be easier for the bands to not have to lug around large instruments the park as it is right next to the parking lot.
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