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By FezzyGamer
There may be a whole new maze in the works that we’ve just found no traces of yet. The DA area would be a good place to put one if they can close it down in time to install it, or the RRR queue, though I’m not quite sure what they’d put there. Is there really room in CH for a maze? A scarezone maybe.
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By yawetag
I'll preface that I've never been to SCarowinds.

Is it possible there's a staffing issue? I'd rather have 5-6 well-staffed areas than 8-10 with only a few people in it. I noticed this at a haunted house I went to last year - it was touted as being this huge thing, but you spent 80% of the time walking through woods to the next scare place - and only 1 person (2 at most) at each one. When I got to the end, I realized I'd rather have half the size and double the "scares per section".
By FezzyGamer
I think it may also be a capacity issue. The two largest mazes are the State Line Slasher and Dark Harvest if I’m not mistaken, and while their lines move the quickest from my experience, SCarowinds gets crowded as **** to be blunt. Longer lines than I’ve ever seen in the regular park for coasters and mazes. Each maze can only have a certain amount of people going through at one time and most of ours are fairly small. I’m not sure how much it costs to construct a new permanent maze, but one may have been part of the large Carowinds investment that we just haven’t been made aware of yet.
By Christopher Mallis
I’m pretty sure carowinds would love to have more mazes but like precious people said...staffing is always a problem. I’m sure zombie high is being changed into something else for scarowinds...there’s new props under fury for something and usually that’s where they make some of the scarowinds stuff.
By FezzyGamer
I saw that earlier!! I think it’s most likely a new zone, a new maze, and Copperhead strike. The other two are a mystery. Hopefully we get an announcement tomorrow or within the next few days.
By FezzyGamer
I was wrong on the above, btw. After clicking around it appears to be three new zones and two new shows. And no Copperhead. A bit odd since it seems like it would be a fun night ride.
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By mars_kell
Oh boy! My favorite time of year...the SCarowinds speculation season :P
My thoughts:
-We need more mazes, considering the increasing crowd levels (I went on a Sunday in 2018 thinking it wouldn't be crowded because, well, it usually isn't on a Sunday, especially early October.)
-3 more scarezones? It feels like there's already one in every area of the park if I'm not wrong, however, SCarowinds is quite creative with their scarezones, would love to see some cheesy Alien or Werewolf stuff.
-Like someone else said, it'll be the 20th anniversary, so that's why I expect at least one new maze.
-Not sure if Zombie High is truly leaving or if it's getting a refurb. I know it was getting stale but honestly in 2018 ZH was my favorite maze of the season -- a first.

I'm excited to see everyone else's thoughts on what's to come! Happy Haunting :)
By FezzyGamer
As far as zones go, I think they’ll move Deadman’s Landing from the County Fair, where it was quite out of place, into Carolina Harbor, leaving CarnEVIL to take over County Fair. This leaves room for a new zone that encompasses both the Crossroads and Blue Ridge Junction, and the third somewhere else, no idea where it could go TBH. I’m not sure about the new shows but I’d love to hear everyone else’s thoughts on them.
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Im kinda pissed about no question mark in the mazes department not gonna lie, but all i can do is hope that another major announcement will come soon and we will see a new maze
By FezzyGamer
Me too TBH, especially if Zombie High is going away, but at this point it’s hard to tell if they just forgot to remove it or are refurbishing it or even moving it. But whether it’s there or not we need another maze. I’m also confused as to why it seems that Copperhead won’t be operating during SCarowinds, but it’s not up to me so..
By Christopher Mallis
Well I guess all those props under fury are for the new scare zones...I think one scare zones will be in blue ridege junction on the midway near blue ridge country kitchen. Copperhead strike will probably be added when it gets closer to SCarowinds because Mountain Gliders aren’t on there either. They probably just forgot to put them there. As far as the other two scare zones go I’m not too sure. I think carnevil is staying in crossroads because it fits better there in my opinion, it was a bit cramped when it was in country fair.
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By mars_kell
Oh I definitely feel like Copperhead will be open during SCarowinds. I recall seeing it will be open for both SCarowinds and Winterfest this year.
I agree that Deadman's Landing doesn't really fit the themeing of County Fair as well as CarnEvil would. I'd like to see the Hollow in Crossroads because I feel like it matches Dark Harvest a bit better what with corn and pumpkins and such. Maybe CarnEvil would work where the Hollow is (completely forgot what that section of the park is called)
It is quite disheartening to see that there are no question marks in the Mazes section but it IS still July. Anything can happen!
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By yawetag
As a first year attendee, what are the crowds like? Obviously the first weekend and times around Halloween will be busy, but how are the random days in between? Any hidden gems on days to go? Should we just plan on going 2 or 3 times in the season?

As an aside, how would it be for a kid that doesn't want to do the "scary" stuff? I know they have the no-boo necklaces, so we'd get that for her. But how much protection does that buy her? I would be safe in assuming it prevents them from scaring her directly, but does it stop them from scaring people with her? I guess what I'm asking is what the experience would be like in her vicinity.
By FezzyGamer
I go almost every weekend that SW is open and it varies, though Saturday’s are always the most crowded. Typically Friday nights are a bit better and Sundays are the best for short lines, but again it varies. No-Boo necklaces will keep them from going after her specifically with the rest of your group at the mercy of the actors, but they’re usually pretty good natured about it and will leave your group alone. Inside the mazes no one is protected and the necklaces don’t mean anything. Most of the rollercoasters and major flats are open excluding camp snoopy, so if she’s just going for the appeal of riding fury at night she’ll have a good time. Most of the coasters will be walk-ons for the first 20-30 minutes in my experience, as I once hit Fury, Hurler, and Afterburn in a row without having to wait in line. She’ll have a good time with just rides and if you’re there for the spooks you’ll have a good time also. It’s just all about evenly spreading out your time among mazes and rides.
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